Fade to Black Archive: June 2010

  • Dear LeBron James

    Everyone wants to weigh in on where LeBron should play next year. Hey LeBron, how about Oklahoma City? Published June 21 2010

  • Giving the World Cup a chance

    I don't really care about soccer, but the rest of the world does. So what is all the fuss about? Published June 14 2010

  • The wonders of Jamaica and Usain Bolt

    Does Usain Bolt get his speed from a magical lagoon in Jamaica? Secrets revealed! Published June 4 2010

Jason Black

Jason Black

Jason Black is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma where he recieved a B.A. in Journalism.  While at OU he served as Sports Director for the University television station.  He has recieved multiple awards for public speaking and ...

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