We must shut down Obama's "big lie" campaign, before it's too late

Our fight is bigger than Obamacare. President Obama is warping our history, governing principles, and the very nature of our system.
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WASHINGTON, October 1, 2013 — The current political fight is bigger than Obamacare and bigger than our $16.7-trillion national debt. At stake are the principles of what has made us exceptional.

The Associated Press has documented some of President Barack Obama’s big lies about Obamacare, its costs, and the debt ceiling. But they didn’t publish that account until September 30th, the last day of pre-Obamacare America.

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The AP was overly kind in its conclusions. Rather than labeling Obama’s claims as false, deceitful or lies, they wrote, “The President is being a bit slippery on the costs of coverage, in particular.” The advice to citizens was “there are reasons for the buyer to beware of his rhetoric.”

However, the AP still didn’t touch some of the President’s non-financial whoppers. That’s a shame, because Obama is working hard to distort our view of America’s history, our governing principles, and the very nature of our system.

Obama’s agenda strips power from Congress to consolidate it in himself. Obamacare and the debt ceiling are but two examples of that attempt to shift power. Obama’s handling of possible Syrian attacks is another. As are his stonewalling of Congress on the IRS scandal, Benghazi and the Fast and Furious debacle.

Resistance to Obama is not futile. But resistance is essential if we’re to preserve our greatness and the benefits we enjoy from that.

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By design, Obamacare robs power from all Congresses that came after the Pelosi Congress. Important decisions were locked-in so future Congresses might be unable to change them. A major element was that Obamacare would not depend on annual appropriations from Congress. Instead, a $105-billion slush fund was created and funded; this gave Obamacare immunity from a shutdown. It provided ten years’ worth of overhead, grants, sweetheart deals, and an enormous advertising budget to tell us how we’re supposed to think

In Obama’s world, Congress does little more than pass a budget, then the White House plays freely with how it spends those trillions of dollars. Congress is treated like a group of drones in the national beehive, to be disregarded after they perform a single function.

Obama’s attitude surfaced in his words on Monday: “No matter what Congress decides to do today, the Affordable Care Act is moving forward. That funding is already in place. You can’t shut it down. This is a law that passed both houses of Congress, a law that bears my signature, a law that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional, a law that voters chose not to repeal last November.”

No other law receives such respect from this President; he considers other laws to be fully flexible and not mandatory at all:

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  • Immigration laws are ignored under the pretense of “prosecutorial discretion,” not on an individual case but for millions of people.
  • Welfare work requirements were plowed under in disregard of the law.
  • Federal marijuan laws were deep-sixed because Obama said so, even though the Supreme Court had upheld them as valid against state laws.
  • Even Obamacare itself is bent (or broken) whenever the President so decrees.

In truth, there are no permanent victories nor permanent defeats in Washington. Our Constitutional system is designed to allow Congress full freedom to add laws, revise laws or repeal laws according to what they see as best, and whether those laws are old or new. Winning an election does not give an extra measure of Constitutional authority to any official. And both parties historically have used all the leverage they could find to achieve their goals.

To Obama, all that is tainted simply because it interferes with what he wants. His behavior and his messages are teaching Americans that others must bow to the President. Working with the other side is something to be claimed as a goal but need not actually happen.

Every week, Obama ratchets up his rhetoric, condemning and ridiculing those who do not yield to him. Publicly and repeatedly, the President refuses to negotiate with Republicans over any possible change or delay to Obamacare. He labels the GOP crazy, anarchist, arsonist, even terrorist. Meantime he professes to be open-minded, even conferring instead with the leader of Iran, an actual sponsor of terrorism.

Obamacare subverts our Constitutional system while adding tens of millions of people to the ranks of those who are dependent on government.

Republicans and the majority of Americans are not opposing Obamacare because they are afraid it will work. We oppose it because it’s obvious that it will not work. It is, however, crippling economic growth. Obamacare is also destroying our existing health insurance system, so when Obamacare flops there won’t be anyplace else to turn. Millions of Americans will be trapped in a dead-end mess.

Avoiding that disaster is far more important than the sky-is-falling claims of disaster from a partial government shutdown. Yes, 800-thousand federal workers may be off the job for a while. But their numbers are small compared to the private-sector victims of Obamacare.

Victims include those who have lost coverage, or face hyper-expensive coverage, or have lost jobs or have seen their work hours severly curtailed. Among these victims are:

  • 18,000 SeaWorld workers
  • 120,000 from Walgreens
  • 110,000 at IBM
  • 15,000 spouses of UPS workers
  • 10,000’s each from General Electric and TIme-Warner
  • 20,000 Home Depot workers
  • 100,000’s more with other affected firms
  • 8-million Americans (minimum) stuck in part-time jobs although they want full-time work
  • Another 7-milion projected to lose company health benefits due to Obamacare

The list grows each day and includes hundreds more restaurants, medical suppliers, universities, and other businesses.

Does the President suggest that hundreds of employers large and small are all lying? Yet he claims there’s “no widespread evidence” that Obama is hurting jobs. It’s more likely that the lying comes from him, not them.

Obamacare is a far greater disruption to our economy than a shutdown (which only impacts part of government but not all).

We’ve heard Obama’s fear-mongering before, like on the fiscal cliff, the sequester, and on other occasions.

Big lies got Obamacare passed:

  • You will save $2,500 a year on premiums.
  • You can keep your doctor.
  • You can keep your current policy.
  • Employers will save so much that people will get big raises.

Big lies are still being used to protect Obamacare; they’ve consistently been part of his political toolkit.

Last fall when CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft called Obama to account for his distorted and downright dishonest campaign advertising, Obama excused himself by saying it was okay because “that happens in politics” and “there’s a lot at stake in this election.”

There’s even more at stake now when rampant hypocrisy and deception, often aided by the media, dominates our debate.

As massive as Obamacare is, it still isn’t the most important topic.

Honesty in government is teetering. If Obamacare wins, then so does dishonest politics. We cannot afford dishonest politicians nor afford Obamacare. And certainly not both.

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