ISTOOK: New Transformer movie set in DC: Obama is Decepticon leader

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WASHINGTON, July 23, 2013 — The next Transformers movie will be set in Washington, DC. Megatron no longer leads the Decepticons; he was overthrown by Obamatron.

In his everyday form as President Obama, Obamatron last Friday discussed his shape-shifting. A year ago he speculated about what his son might look like, but now Obama revealed that he once walked among us, taking the form of a victim of racial profiling.

There was purpose behind his remarks about the George Zimmerman trial and Treyvon Martin’s death. The purpose is to undercut self-defense laws, which would simplify the Decepticons’ gun control agenda.

In Obama’s world, following someone is just as threatening as violently assaulting them (such as breaking a nose and pounding someone’s head against concrete). And since following is “threatening,” then self-defense and Stand Your Ground laws supposedly justified Tryvon’s attack. It was provoked by Zimmerman.

Obama suggested there was no moral or legal difference between Zimmerman’s following Martin and Martin’s attacking Zimmerman.

In his best Obamatron tones, he told us, “For those who resist that idea that we should think about … these ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws, I just ask people to consider, if Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have ‘stood his ground’ on that sidewalk?”

Unfortunately, Optimus Prime wasn’t there. As he and most first-year law students know, deadly force can only be justified by reasonable fear of death or serious injury. Being followed doesn’t come close to that standard.

But fellow Decepticons are echoing Obamatron’s theme. The head of the NAACP in Washington, Hilary Shelton (aka “Manipulicon”), told Sean Hannity on FOX News that Trayvon Martin was “stalked and assaulted” by Zimmerman before Zimmerman shot him.

They’ve returned to their false message that largely went unchallenged before the trial. Then an army of media Decepticons was led by Sharpnado. In his best B-movie dialogue, Sharpnado told us that Zimmerman made an unprovoked attack, ending with the shooting.

Then came the trial. Like the eye of a hurricane, it brought a break.

So long as it was underway, the trial provided an inconvenient truth, namely that Martin started the violence. The chatter about Zimmerman’s getting out of the car or not following the advice of the police dispatcher was interesting, but immaterial. Zimmerman was acquitted.

The verdict was blood in the water for Sharpnado, whose appetite for publicity is voracious. In multiple cities the same false message was repeated last weekend, trying to implant false memories to replace what the actual evidence showed.

Now, with no more live courtroom coverage to embarrass them, the Decepticons have returned to their roots. For example, Kleinicon (aka Ezra Klein of MSNBC and the Washington Post) is claiming, “The amazing thing about this saga is that Trayvon Martin was not the violent one that night.”

Another trial would just draw fresh attention to their falsehoods, so they’re pivoting to another objective.

Decepticon EvidenzWitHolder declared to the NAACP that too much self-defense is bad, because it “sows dangerous conflict.” Sharpnado is ready to shift from demanding another trial to demanding legislation. As he explained the new goal: “Stand-your-ground laws … eliminate a person’s duty to retreat in the face of a serious physical threat.”

There it is. If someone attacks you, you must retreat and let them have their way. Otherwise, you, not the attacker, are guilty of fomenting violence.

Whenever they fight you, you lose because you must retreat. If you don’t retreat, you still lose because now you get blamed for the violence. It’s the same illogic applied to politics by left-wing media: Conservatives are always in the wrong whether they fight or they give in.

The attack on Stand Your Ground laws is an attack on self-defense. Once self-defense becomes unacceptable, then the left’s gun control laws move closer to reality.

That would be ultimate dependency on government—to be totally dependent on government for our very safety.

Obama’s Transformers aren’t changing themselves nor their ways. Their goal is to transform America. With tactics like these, no wonder they’re known as Decepticons.

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