Obamacare puts insurance coverage in decline by 14-to-1 margin

For every person enrolled in Obamacare, 14 have lost health insurance coverage. It's the opposite of what Obama promised yet he continues trying to scam us. Photo: Ernest Istook

WASHINGTON, December 16, 2013 — Obamacare has become a never-ending Opposite Day — the opposite of what was promised:

  • By 14-to-1, more people have lost health insurance than gained it due to Obamacare. Millions more will lose coverage next year.

  • Health insurance is not more affordable; it’s more expensive despite Obama’s promised savings of $2,500 per family per year.

  • Even if you like your plan, you cannot choose whether to keep it.

  • Even if you like your doctors, you cannot choose whether to keep them.

  • Even if you enrolled in Obamacare, there’s a good chance the website lost your data, and you aren’t really enrolled.

  • This is the most open, transparent and honest White House in history, except when you have an important question. 

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Opposite Day is fun for young children, but it’s no joke to the estimated 7 million who so far have lost their health insurance due to Obamacare. For most, replacement coverage will cost thousands of dollars extra next year. There goes the family vacation. Or the kids’ braces. Or violin lessons. Or savings for college. Or all of the above.

Many have decided to go without insurance, so look for an onslaught of personal disasters next year when newly-uninsured families suffer emergency needs. Even worse, their ranks will grow from millions more whose group policies will be wiped out next year by the harsh requirements of Obamacare.

Countless families face tragedies. As noted by California’s Rep. Darrell Issa, Obamacare puts a multitude of lives at risk. It didn’t have to happen, but President Obama and his know-it-all buddies made existing and affordable coverage illegal. It was outlawed.

Amateurs in health care but pros in political marketing, the Obama team made whatever wild claims they could get away with about the brave new world of Obamacare. Sadly, today’s media let them get away with plenty. Politicians aimed to kill off the old system that had successfully covered 85 percent of the country, condemning its problems rather than praising its accomplishments. It would have been prudent to say, “mend it, don’t end it,” but only Obamacare receives that sort of respect. Sponsors knew that even if Obamacare bombed, they’d have a chance to push a single-payer model instead, since the old system would be dead and buried.

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By now it should be clear to all that the lies used to sell Obamacare were not minor and not accidental. Yet media coverage remains kind, treating each distortion as an isolated and unintended error, not as big lies within a grand deception. Many Americans continue to resist seeing the big picture because they don’t want to admit how badly they’ve been duped. It violates their patriotic high regard for the office of the presidency. And it hurts to admit you were so gullible to believe all the outlandish promises that now are falling apart.

As outrageous and as expensive as it is, the healthcare.gov website is only a symptom of Obamacare’s problems; it’s not the cause. It’s the outrageous costs that continue to stop people from buying the new policies. You cannot add so many mandatory new insurance features, plus burden purchasers with subsidizing others, without adding major costs. Obama persists with happy-talk low-ball hucksterism, asking people to look at selective low premiums for some, ignoring high premiums for most, plus high deductibles and co-pays for almost everyone.

The result?

To offset the 7 million who have lost their individual insurance policies, the total enrollees in Obamacare plans — state and federal combined — are a mere 364,000 through November. Add about 100,000 more enrollees in the first half of December, and it’s still a 14-1 ratio of people losing insurance compared to those gaining insurance. Plus taxpayers must pick up the tab for over 800,000 who have signed up for the expansion of Medicaid that was part of Obamacare.

Millions of Americans are saying, “I told you so.” Others are in a state of shock. They’ve been double-crossed. Younger Americans in particular find they’ve been singled-out to bear a disproportionate share of the costs, and they’re rapidly falling out of love with Obama.

Also a significant number of liberals are discovering disillusionment, the kind who are cultural liberals rather than activist liberals. As noted in The New York Times, “to their surprise, thousands of writers, opera singers, music teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers and others are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled and they may have to pay more to get comparable coverage, if they can find it.

“‘I couldn’t sleep because of it,’ said Barbara Meinwald, a solo practitioner lawyer in Manhattan. … It is not lost on many of the professionals that they are exactly the sort of people — liberal, concerned with social justice — who supported the Obama health plan in the first place. Ms. Meinwald, the lawyer, said she was a lifelong Democrat who still supported better health care for all, but had she known what was in store for her, she would have voted for Mitt Romney.”

When even liberals will desert him on this, once they know the facts, Obama’s only recourse is to keep people uninformed by hiding the facts, maximizing the spin, and manipulating the media to dampen awareness of how immense the problem is.

When people are wronged, they get angry. When they learn how many others also are wronged, they get connected. Then they get organized and they become an effective force. If there’s one thing a community organizer fears, it’s an entire country organized against him.


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