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WASHINGTON, September 21, 2013 – As though we are on his table, we are lying in wait for the end.  The end of Dexter.

After eight seasons of brooding from Deb, heh-heh lasciviousness from Masuka, the dumb and dumber routine played out by Quinn and Batista (any wonder why Miami’s solved murder rate is less than 20% with those two) and Dexter able to kill at will without anyone noticing.

Why didn’t Jamie ask “Where the heck you going in the middle of the night Dexter?” Not once did she ask her brother, Batista, how did that case Dexter responded to last night work out?

Remember James Doakes?  He figured Dexter out, so Dexter killed him.  Or arranged for him to die.

Then there was Special Agent Frank Lundy who, with Debra Morgan, is on the hunt for the Trinity Killer.  One of my favorite seasons.  John Lithgow, of “I Wish I Were a Manatee” fame as the gleeful psychotic Trinity was just too much fun.

If, at the beginning of Dexter you would have said you are going to be engrossed for eight seasons of plot flaws and fantasy, I would have said no way.

And I would have been wrong.

We love Dexter because we have been active participants in Dexter’s kills. We have been in on his joke.  We applaud the code. We know what is going on. 

We are tactic participants in Dexter’s kills, agreeing to his murderous ways because his victims are killers, and he is justified in his killing and honorable in ridding the world of the flotsam that is their murderous lives.

By watching every week Dexter was given our approval to keep doing the work of an honorable vigilante that we are not brave enough to do.

We are as guilty as Deb in the killing of LaGuerta. We not only watched it, we cheered Dexter on, completely supporting Deb in her bizarre “He’s my brother” bordering on incestuous need to protect him. 

Even when breaking the policemen’s code of protecting each other no matter what.

During a press release Hall said of the final season:

“Ninety-six episodes in, I felt like we were all called upon to invest ourselves to bring it home,” Hall said of shooting the final episode. “There were so many lasts…It was a bittersweet perpetual going-away party. It was the feeling when you read a great book, and you read the last page, and there’s something hovering in the air. It was that times 100. It was beyond anything we could probably articulate then — or now, apparently.

And that is why I have loved watching Dexter. It is all just too much fun in a slowing—down-to-see-if-there-are-any-bodies-in-the-roadway following an accident kind of way.

Dexter has been a wonderful hour-long gaper’s block and he will be missed.

I will be watching the last two episodes of Dexter prior to the final season.  Join me as we chat the last two shows clues to the end and then share in the final moments, perched on the edge of the seat, and wondering will he get away… with Hannah and Harrison?

And will Deb survive?

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