Kristen StephensonPino: Rising star to watch in 2014

Danny de Gracia talks with Kristen StephensonPino about success, vision and Thanksgiving. Photo: Daniel Rois /

WASHINGTON, November 27, 2013 – Dynamic in talent and every bit as confident as she is beautiful, Kristen StephensonPino is the rising star to watch in fashion and entertainment. From evoking passion on the cover of romance novels to brining her trust-winning smile to countless cosmetic and spa products, StephensonPino is a beauty entrepreneur whose resumé of success is turning heads the world over.

Soon to launch her own fashion label “Kris10” and currently wrapping up filming in the upcoming thriller The Periphery, StephensonPino shared in an exclusive interview her secret for success. She also offered a timely reminder as to the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

Danny de Gracia: Kristen,  a lot of young people are concerned about jobs, opportunities and the economy. You’ve been doing very well in all these areas. What’s your secret to success?

Kristen StephensonPino: Wow. Jobs, opportunity and economy are surely something to be concerned about these days, but I do believe that positive things happen to positive people. Honestly, the industry that I am in can be an up and down roller coaster.  There are times that everything seems to be going my way and I’m getting booked daily, and, other times when I feel like life has gone in slow motion. 

These are the times you have to make sure to take action, and not be afraid to be different. I do this by continuing to build my portfolio and making sure that it stays up to date by keeping on top of my game. This can include working out at the gym, continuing to attend auditions, and even working with people in a non-selfish manner without expecting to get anything more. 

I also never stop learning from advice, knowledge and my mistakes. I get advice and meet with people who are in my industry that can help me to enhance my abilities and make sure to keep an open communication, so people I work with understand where I stand and yet know that I take responsibility and accountability for my actions. This means being persistent and working towards what I am passionate about and not allowing everyday distractions to get the best of me.

Although I feel like I have accomplished a lot so far, I look forward to 2014 to be another learning adventure and an open door to many more possibilities. I truly believe that as long as you are doing your best and continue to grow as a person with the understanding that perfection is never ending, your art, career, goals can only get better – especially if it is something you love, because then it doesn’t feel like work.

DDG: How did your modeling and acting career start?

KSP: My modeling and acting career began at the age of three in Japan after a modeling agency approached my mom, giving her their card so she could take me to their studio. I remember my first photo shoot and I was given one of my photos.

As I was riding on the train returning home, I remember looking up at this very tall man, and when he looked at me I immediately showed him my photo smiling and said, “Hi, I’m Kristen and I’m a model!”  I was so proud of my photo. My mom laughed and that is when she knew I enjoyed modeling and continued to help me get more gigs. 

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Here is a fun little tidbit – right before leaving Japan for Hawaii, my two sisters and I made it onto a huge poster for Lipton Tea in Shibuya, Tokyo, on the front of the entire building [housing] Tower Records.

DDG: Are there any special projects you’re working on right now or any new brands that you’re representing?

From film to romance novel covers and beauty products, Kristen StephensonPino’s talent and beauty are in high demand. (Photo by John Farrell /

KSP: I recently finished a film as lead actress for the movie The Periphery that is currently in postproduction. It’s about a girl named Cassie where following a near-death experience in a car crash, is haunted by a shadowy figure she sees from the corner of her eye – something that followed her back from the other side of death.

I am currently working on my very own Kris10 clothing line. I am designing and making each item myself and have a company that is waiting to see the products and assist me in production and marketing.

At this time, I am sponsored by San Lorenzo Bikinis and my commercial agency is Coast to Coast in Los Angeles. Some of my recent work can be seen in Sephora with Cover Fx and with Macadamia hair products in ULTA Beauty, Sally Beauty Supply in the ASP line for nails, Sanuk footwear 2014 catalog, and Peter Grimm Hats. 

I just finished four different romance novel front covers; Just Dessert Ladies of Larkspur by Heather Gray,  Colorado Young Sky by A.J. Hawk, Mail Order Madness by Kristen Osbourn, and The Sheriff and the Mayor by Starla Kaye.  I was also on the cover of the magazines, Salon and Gold Coast Sunwear.

Other work has been with poise makeup, Artizara Treasures from the East, Fashion Undercover, PUNK hair products and more. Earlier this year I was on a couple front covers for This Week Oahu.

One magazine that I was excited to be in recently representing nudeJewelry by Nobuhiko Akatsuka was Abraxas Lifestyle that is located in Turkey, France, Ethiopia, Egypt and Manipur. It’s a magazine with an eclectic mix of fashion, design and lifestyle that shows living the good life!

DDG: So Thanksgiving is here! What are you most thankful for this year?

KSP: I love the Thanksgiving season. I’m most thankful for my family, especially this year that I am able to still spend the season with my grandfather – papa –  who has had three strokes. He’s been a big part of my life and role model since birth. So this year has been really hard on me watching him having to re-learn things that he once taught me. I’ve never been so thankful to have him and my family all together for this Thanksgiving season.

DDG: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

KSP: I’m an actress, model, and Japanese translator. I love my life and I’m who I am. I believe in being myself, because the world loves an original and I think everyone should really take that in and remember, everyone’s different. 

My mom always taught me to be myself and always remember that it doesn’t matter how high you are on a pedestal you can always get knocked down. So no matter how successful you become, always remember where you came from and respect others. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones, and don’t forget to smile!

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to interview Ms. StephensonPino. Follow her for updates on her official Instagram @kris10kesp and her Facebook fan page.

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