Cherry Lei on modern times, pop culture and dating

Danny de Gracia interviews professional model and entertainer Cherry Lei on pop culture and more. Photo: Cherry Lei is one of Hawaii's most popular personalities. (Photo by Scott Tu/Project Definition)

HONOLULU, March 21, 2013 — When it comes to forgetting the troubles of an ongoing global recession and some of the most stressful events in modern history, Hawaii is where America’s celebrities and often its president find respite in last minute getaways and vacations. But just how do people in Hawaii view the dizzyingly paced, strange times that afflict our modern American experience?

Cherry Lei, one of Hawaii’s most popular entertainers and highly sought-after models, took the time to speak with me for a pop culture, celebrity-inspired perspective on current events, changing trends and keeping it real in relationships.

Danny de Gracia: Cherry, it’s great to have the chance to interview you again. You’ve been very busy lately with a lot of photo shoots and new projects. Tell our readers a little bit about some of things that have been going on for you since our last article.

Cherry Lei: I was lucky enough to travel to Maui, Kauai and Big Island as a guest gogo and of course, I continue to dance at various clubs and events here on Oahu. I’ve been booking many photo shoots.

One in particular I recently did was with local artist Luke Atay for a comic villain-type theme, in which, Luke will actually be taking the photos and creating a digital render which will eventually be painted on wood and canvas. I’m really excited to see the result of this project. 

I’ve also began working with a  promotional company, Blue Bottle Entertainment, as we go around to various nightlife and car show events, where I conduct interviews for online viewing. I have photo shoots, music videos, commercials and mainland car shows coming up. So, I won’t be slowing down any time soon!

DDG: We’re three, almost four months now into 2013 and it seems like the world is in a whirlwind of change. What do you think about all the things that have been going on lately and all these bizarre current events?

We have comets and meteors flying by in the sky. The economy has been going up and down. The list of weird things goes on and on. It’s almost too dizzying to keep track of. How do you feel about the way the world has been going lately?

Cherry: It’s scary, keeping up with the news, even locally. Having passed the so-called “end of the world” December 2012 and then coming into 2013 with so much craziness that I even started to believe the end was near.

But there’s only one thing to do and that is keep busy and keep pushing forward until that moment arrives because there’s a chance it never will. I just hope things mellow out in the world instead of get worse.

From Sarah Palin to Barack Obama to Stephen Tyler and more, Hawaii is the top getaway location for politicos and celebrities alike. (AP/Keith Srakocic)

DDG: Let’s talk a little bit about pop culture and modern style. What do you think about the direction that America’s culture is going these days in things like fashion, music, TV, and movies? Do you think things are getting better and more interesting? Or do you think things in prior years were better?

Cherry: I love the new dance music right now, but nothing beats old school. Even the new fashion has somewhat of an old school vibe. I notice a lot of 80s influence in the recent fashion trends, which is cool.

Honestly, though, most of the popular stuff has no real statement like it used to. But that’s just from what I have noticed and I’ve been so busy I haven’t really been able to really keep track!

DDG: Would you say your style has changed over the years or do you like to keep things pretty much the same?

Cherry: Well, it has definitely changed with age and some trends. But I don’t stray too far from my jeans, tank top, and boots.

DDG: Speaking of trends, one of the most concerning developments lately is the trend towards more and more people being single for longer periods of time. Do you think people are just getting worse at lasting relationships or is it maybe that people are being changed by the times we’re living in?

Cherry: I think society has lost the concept of work. Working at keeping a relationship. Everything now days seems more for convenience. Technology has made everything easier, including cheating and dishonesty.

DDG: So what are some of the things that you look for in a relationship? What do you find attractive and what makes a relationship interesting for you?

Cherry Lei likes to balance the pressures of life and the world by keeping it real. (Ana Medina/La Cutie Fotos)

Cherry:  A relationship should be fair, equally giving and with good communication. I think although you should do things together, you should also have your own separate time for yourself. Respect is very important. I find a man who has a passion for something very sexy. But I definitely need someone who will be proud of all that I do as well.

Currently I am trying to focus on myself and not worry about finding someone right now. It’s hard though. It gets lonely, but hopefully, Mr. Right will show up when I least expect it and I’m ready for it!

DDG: Men, like women, have all kinds of interesting ideas about relationships and the opposite sex, some of which, can be a little bit funny. What would you say are some of the common mistakes that men make around women, at least from your perspective?

Cherry: One mistake I always notice, is if a woman asks to be left alone, they consider that a sign to give her more attention. That just creates more irritation. I’ve seen many guys suffocate a girl because they simply don’t listen. Give a girl her space. But definitely what guys do, girls are guilty of too. 

DDG: So, what would you say then is the number one thing you think that a guy should not do if he wants to win a woman’s attention?

Cherry: Send creepy messages on social networks. 

DDG: Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers in Washington?

Cherry: I’ve always wanted to gogo or model in the East Coast, so if anyone would like to sponsor me, send me a message on my Facebook fan page!

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