EXCLUSIVE: Actress Laura Grace D’Angeli on star power and life success

Danny de Gracia interviews entertainment host and actress Laura Grace D’Angeli. Photo: Laura Grace D'Angeli (Photo by Jason Matias)

HONOLULU, August 17, 2013 – No one knows entertainment better than Laura Grace D’Angeli, TV spokesmodel for the Honolulu Pulse, Hawaii’s most popular media resource for what’s hot in the islands.

It was only a few years ago that D’Angeli began her career as an ambitious girl from New Jersey with a special place in her heart for special needs children. She rose to worldwide fame in modeling, appearing on Hawaii 5-0, a feature film to be released this year, and now her very own television segment on Hawaii News Now.

D’Angeli’s rise is uncommon in such tough economic times. But in our exclusive interview she advises readers to learn that the gate of success opens for anyone who leads a life guided by gratitude, faith and courage.

Danny de Gracia: Laura, it’s been almost a year since we first spoke. Since then you’ve branched out into acting by appearing on Hawaii 5-0; you had a role in a comedy movie; and on top of that you’re now the face of Hawaii’s entertainment resource as the Honolulu Pulse spokesmodel and marketing coordinator. What’s it been like for you and what else have you been doing lately?

Laura Grace D’Angeli:  I think a week after our first discussion I was called to audition for the movie “ManUp” starring Justin Chon. Being on a movie set was one of the biggest experiences of my life. I am happy my feature film debut will be a comedic role, I look forward to making the audience laugh!

Our last interview I spoke about my passion for acting, maybe it brought me luck. I thank God every morning and night for blessing me with these opportunities. I couldn’t do it without the amazing supportive, encouraging people in my life who believe in me.

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I share my achievements with those who’ve been a part of my journey and truly love and cherish these people. My manager says he opens the door for me, but I remind him, his faith in me motivates me one thousand percent.

I am in love with my new role at the Honolulu Pulse. When they first approached me with the position I was honored and the Pulse Minute is really taking off! A dream job for sure, I am very grateful.

DDG: A lot of our readers watch Hawaii 5-0. What did it feel like being on the show?

D’Angeli: Being on set as a featured actress for Hawaii 5-0 was thrilling. Finally debuting on primetime television representing Hawaii’s premiere television show was really a dream come true. I got to play a part for the rest of the country to watch that represents our rainbow state.

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I loved my character and working next to such talented people. The cast was so supportive and the energy making this show is just so upbeat and positive. Scott always has a joke and Alex is just as much of a character off camera as he is on. Always laughs, always a great time.

DDG: I’m sure a lot of women see you in TV or in modeling and think “How does she do it?” What’s your secret to success and to getting noticed? This is a tough time for everyone with the bad economy and people are struggling for opportunities. But you’re beating the odds. What’s the secret?

D’Angeli says “representing Hawaii’s premiere television show was really a dream come true.”

D’Angeli: Manifesting your dreams. Knowing if you can conceive the thought it can then be brought to life. I am motivated by fear. I hate being scared to do something. I developed an attitude to attack anything that scares me, including the idea of “I can’t do that.” Many people who are trying to climb and become successful misunderstand the difference between talent and skills.

Talent is natural. You’re either born with it or not, but skills are acquired. You can be the most talented person in the world, but your talent will fail you if you are not skilled. You must work on enhancing, growing, studying, evolving, being better than you were yesterday, constantly telling yourself there’s more to learn. Your skills maintain your artistry, your craft.

DDG: How do you always stay so fit and in perfect shape? Do you have a special workout or diet?

D’Angeli: Living in Hawaii is a work out in itself. Surfing, stand up paddle, walking the beach … My diet is really just water, fresh smoothies every morning, coconut water, lots of sashimi, and of course anything Italian.

DDG: One of the things that’s been in the news a lot is the topic of sexual harassment, especially with several major politicians involved in incidents where women have accused them of making aggressive unwanted moves. As a woman - especially one that’s very popular - do you ever experience this? What’s your thoughts about this?

D’Angeli: Unfortunately, I would be lying if I said this has never happened to me. I’ve been on many job interviews that ended in disappointment once being questioned why I am single or if I wanted to “discuss more at dinner.”

I think in this industry you have a choice, it’s your own responsibility to how you allow people to treat you. If you allow misconduct because you think it may further your career that is a risk you are taking.

If you carry yourself and demand respect for the person you are, you don’t have to be bothered with people who have a different agenda. As it is said, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

DDG: What do you think is the most important thing men should keep in mind when approaching relationships with women?

D’Angeli: That women were born to love. If you have a woman you know truly loves you, don’t take advantage of that. All we want is to be loved and have the world know. One of my favorite musicians said, “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.”

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