Justin Bieber and gun control

From Justin Bieber to Al-Qaeda, an active mind wanders far when tied to a pile of dirty dishes. Photo: Bieber

CHICAGO, June 18, 2013 —The column name “End of the Day” is a misnomer. It should rightfully be “Dishwashing Deliberations,” since washing the dinner dishes is one of the few times everyone else in the house will leave you alone long enough to actually contemplate life and the larger world.

A sink full of dirty dishes will give you way more “alone” time than closing the bathroom door. Mention the dinner dishes, and people run. Close the bathroom door, and suddenly you’re the most popular person in the family.

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Last night was a particularly active night for dishwashing thoughts. Unfortunately, there were more questions than answers. If anyone out there has any answers, please enlighten us all in the Comments section below.  

Social Security/Immigration Reform

A popular sound bite lately with politicians and pundits is that we need immigration reform to save Social Security. There are just not enough young workers to sustain benefits for the Baby Boomers. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that we still have 11.8 million people unemployed in the U.S., 4.3 million of whom have been looking for work for more than six months. 

Let’s say we allow all these new workers through immigration reform. It may be a noble cause, but what, exactly, are we going to do with them? We don’t have enough jobs for the people who are already here.

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Many immigrants may simply keep doing the jobs they are already doing, only now they’ll be legal. Why aren’t those jobs already being done by out-of-work legal workers? Is there a problem with the jobs, or are people being too picky about what type work they will do? Or both. Low paying jobs and overly-proud unemployed.

Polygamy vs. Unwed Parents

With Utah’s announcement that they will not prosecute polygamist families that are otherwise acting within the law, the Dargers are back in the media.

Joe Darger and his family are Fundamentalist Mormons, a branch that broke off from the Church of Latter Day Saints in order to continue polygamy when the original church ended it. Joe and his three wives are all fully grown, consenting adults, and together they have 23 children. A recent Time.com video shows Joe playing with his kids, the family eating together, and Joe and his wives relaxing together on the back deck. They have a lovely home in the suburbs and are basically a solid, loving, self-supporting family.

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So which is worse? A man married to three women with a bunch of kids he supports emotionally and financially, or a man with a bunch of kids from multiple relationships whose mothers are on welfare because they can’t support them on their own and dad has basically checked out?

I would ask which is more common, but we all know the answer to that.

Incidentally, the CDC reports that the birthrate to unwed mothers in the U.S. is 40.8%. The state with the lowest unwed birthrate? Utah (19.2%), where polygamy is not prosecuted if the marriages are otherwise legal.

And just to throw this out there for fun, Washington DC has the highest unwed birthrate at 54.8%. Something in the political water, perhaps?

Gun Registration

Certain medications cannot be purchased without having your state-issued ID or drivers’ license scanned. If Grandpa leaves his car to you in his will, you must change the vehicle registration. What’s the big deal about registering guns? No one is challenging the right to bear arms, just the right to bear arms unconditionally.

It’s kind of like saying you can own a Ferrari or Fiskar Karma, but you cannot drive it 100 mph on public roads. (Note to Justin Bieber: Do you really think these people you’re lending your car to are your friends?) If other potentially dangerous things (cars and medicine) must be tracked, what’s the big deal about tracking intentionally dangerous things?

And last but not least…


Some people are screaming for our involvement in Syria now that the regime has used chemical weapons. We must back the rebels. The strongest, most well-organized rebels with the best chance of toppling the regime are tied to Al-Qaeda. So, because Assad used chemical weapons, we must back Al-Qaeda. Really? Is there no better option?

That last question actually applies to all of the issues above. Is there no better option?

 Personally, the best option for the dishwasher in this family may be to switch to paper plates. Dishwashing requires more mental effort than you might think. (Note to editor: Yes, I know I’m leaving myself wide open for attack with that closing line.)

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