Rush Limbaugh and the Girl Scouts: Accidental alliance

The couple has parted amicably. Or at least they're trying to. Photo: Helping the Navy Get Their Cookies U.S. Navy

CHICAGO, March 11, 2012 — Celebrity couples come and go in a heartbeat. And so it was for Rush Limbaugh and the Girl Scouts.

It’s not surprising that the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington have pulled their advertising from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. What’s surprising is that they were advertising on the show in the first place.

However, it wasn’t intentional. The Girl Scouts purchased an advertising package through Clear Channel, unaware that the package included Rush’s show, as well as other opinion-based programs.

Sarah Miller, director of communication for Girl Scouts OSW, explains that “After learning that was the case, we moved quickly to remove our commercials from any station running opinion-based content.” Which stations, if any, were left for them to choose from, she didn’t say.

Rush Is Undisturbed by Ad Exits

As for Rush, he has not been disturbed by the Girl Scouts or any other advertisers pulling out of his show. In fact, he notes that there are many companies lining up to take the place of those who leave. Among them are Seeking Arrangement and Ashley Madison both expressing interest. Seeking Arrangement, a company that bills itself as “the world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website,” announced Tuesday that it will start advertising on Limbaugh’s show.

Rush has something to say AP

Ashley Madison, an online service for those wishing to cheat on their partners, said by way of their CEO Noel Biderman that they are “willing to step into the void left by other advertisers.”

On his March 8 radiocast, Limbaugh vehemently denied that either of these companies advertises on his show. “They are not firmly on board, they never have been firmly on board, and they never will be firmly on board.” Moments earlier in the broadcast, he states in regard to companies such as Ashley Madison that “When we find that they are running in our program in local markets, we call the local affiliate and tell them ‘Don’t run these ads in our show.’ We do not sponsor companies that help people cheat on their spouses.” Rush has his morals. When a company deeply offends those morals, he boots their ads off of his show.

Yet the Girl Scouts Remained

They didn’t remain for long, but Rush had no problem allowing the Girl Scouts to advertise their cookies on his program. The Girl Scouts had a problem with it, but Rush was happy to allow those entrepreneurial young women to promote their “liberal agenda” of empowering girls on his show. If he were morally opposed to the Girl Scouts as he was Ashley Madison, he would have booted them off, right?

It could be that Rush isn’t quite as conservative as he, or we, thought. The more likely scenario is that he simply isn’t aware exactly who the thousands of advertisers on his show are. But someone is aware. Someone, if not Rush, decides that Ashley Madison is unacceptable to Rush but those sexually degenerate Girl Scouts (They refuse to discriminate!) are fine. And that “someone” answers to Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh apparently does not mind having the type of show that discourages enterprises that support young women and attracts those that promote prostitution (albeit without the pimp) and promiscuity. While Seeking Arrangement and Ashley Madison are not yet advertisers on Limbaugh’s show, they are two of the companies lining up for his airspace, no matter how he tries to chase them away.

1943 First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt with Girl Scouts

Rush never sought to chase the Girl Scouts away, but they decided to take their leave. The couple parted amicably.

But The Story Is Not Quite Over

The Washington Post recently ran an article stating that for a mere $15,000 (or 3,750 boxes of Thin Mints), six lucky people will be able to purchase a bust of the Rush Limbaugh statue soon to be installed in the Missouri capitol building’s Hall of Famous Missourians. The Missouri government is very proud of its native son.

Limbaugh isn’t the only native son Missouri is taking pride in this year. Dred Scott, who sued for his freedom from slavery and its inherent bigotry and oppression, will be honored alongside Limbaugh.

And the irony doesn’t end there. Whether those lucky people who purchase Rush’s statue will also be able to purchase a copy of the Dred Scott statue is difficult to confirm. For those wishing more information, click the “Limbaugh statue” tab at the top of the Post’s article about, yes, you guessed it, the Girl Scouts of America’s 100th anniversary.

And so the tenuous Rush Limbaugh/Girl Scouts connection continues. Neither of them may be happy about it, but some things are just beyond their control.

Happy Birthday, Girl Scouts! In your first 100 years you have helped untold thousands of people learn and grow and open their minds to the amazing possibilities in life. Unfortunately, not everyone can be helped.

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