Americans are moderate and Mitt Romney will win

My view that Americans are moderate, and Americans are decent, leads me to call this one for Mitt  Romney tomorrow. Photo: Campaign

WASHINGTON, November 6, 2012 – Mitt Romney will surprise mainstream pundits who generally are unaware of the confines of their thinking and writing.  A few industries lean left on a broad scale for different reasons, including news journalists, and celebrities and entertainers for example. Thus, the prevalence of analysis anticipating a close or decisive victory for Obama.  It is not a sinister plot, it simply reflects the blinders that cloud observation and skew interpretation. 

Romney will win because America is a moderate, generally centrist body politic.  While the extremists and single issue obsessed in each party are more vocal and attract more media attention, the vast majority of Americans are not built like that.  We have little taste for such ways and such mentalities. We will try new things, and are almost child-like in hoping for the best. 

But if things don’t work out, and especially if leaders show themselves to be too extreme, we tend to remove them as soon we can. 

Obama won in ‘08 because my grandmother could have beat McCain-Palin, and importantly those who should have protected American virtue in the years after 9-11 failed to do so.  The questionable wars, the loss of freedom in our country, the shadowy violations internationally, all created a genuine need for “change” by the time of the 2008 election.  

This resulted in inviting into our midst a leader who has proven far too extreme for American tastes.  Obama’s arrogant health care debacle (the second megalomaniacal democrat to try that in as many administrations) was extreme political behavior.  Obama’s statist assault and power grab against the basic champions on which economies thrive was extreme. 

We got extremes we didn’t ask for, and then did not even get the one thing we hoped for, the resurrection of American virtue.  After all is said and done, Obama failed in the only one thing that won him his 2008 election, relief from the identity of agents of war. 

Obama with Ms. Clinton kept the US on this ugly path, and worsened it.  The tragic loss of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and the many Americans who lost their lives in the Benghazi, Libya attack is so much more the full flowering of US foreign policy under Obama than has yet to be revealed.

My view that Americans are moderate, and Americans are decent, leads me to call this one for Mitt  Romney tomorrow.

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