CROCKETT: Is President Obama as bad as the right says he is?

The United States of America is a far better country than the conservative right says it is; it’s time we stopped listening to them. Photo: AP

TEXAS, July 5, 2013 — For all of its flaws, both real and imagined; for all its scandals, both true and manufactured; and for all of its proposed legislation, both known and unrevealed; the Obama administration has done nothing  to harm the core ideal of what America is supposed to represent.

When compared to some, like the Franklin Pierce administration with its Kansas–Nebraska Act of 1854 and the Dred Scott Decision, for instance, it has represented that ideal with far more honor.

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However, there is an element on the conservative right that promotes the idea that the agenda of the Obama administration is to destroy America. Through their monopoly on secular and Christian talk radio, their spokespeople bombard us daily with their version of the “news” they say the “mainstream media” (which they claim is in cahoots with the Obama administration) does not report.

If you listen to them long enough you will invariably hear how “Obama”, not President Obama, is destroying or has destroyed the very fabric of the American way of life, and how God is punishing us for having elected him.

You will hear claims that President Obama’s leftist-socialist-fascist-communist-muslim agenda is very much like the agendas of Stalin and Hitler. You will hear that he wants to take away our religious freedom, our choice of doctors, and our guns. You will also hear that he promotes the murder of babies, and fosters a gay agenda.

But what you won’t hear is agreement on anything that Obama says or does.

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America is a great nation. But it seems that we cannot tune-out the political vitriol long enough to allow ourselves to work on fixing the problems in the areas where we can agree, instead of focusing on the problems in the areas where we cannot.

Maybe, what we lack, is perspective.

Kim Jong Un is the current president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Through the force of a large and powerful military, he presides over one of the most repressive regimes in the world. If the reports about the conditions in his country are true, it is the world’s most militarized nation, and has the fourth largest army. But it is unable to adequately feed its people, because its food production ranks among the lowest in the world.

It is also unable to provide its people proper medical care. Its hospitals lack basic medicine, medical equipment, running water, and electricity; and its people are oppressed, starving, and in constant fear of their government.

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The conditions in North Korea are the way they are because in every sense of the word, Kim Jong Un is a dictator. He is the supreme commander of the military, and his whims and will dictate what is, and what will be, law.

In contrast, America looks nothing like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea; or the Federal Republic of Somalia or the People’s Republic of China, or any of the other oppressed republics around the globe, because never in its entire history has any United States president been a dictator.

The U.S. has never conducted pogroms against ethnic or religious groups. We don’t live in perpetual fear of government troops breaking down our doors and taking us away never to be seen or heard from again. When our leaders come into office they do not kill or imprison the members of the opposition. We are, and have been, a better nation than that.

That is not to say that the face of America is unscarred. The legalization of the institution of slavery, the internment of the Japanese during World War II, and the unfairness inherent in the policies of segregation, to name a few, were all contrary the very core of the American ideal.

What is important for us to remember is that each and every one of those scars were championed, promoted, packaged, and sold to the American people who were living at the time, as being necessary to the preservation of their way of life by people whose agendas ran contrary to that of the common good. We must not repeat their mistakes, but rise above them; and not allow ourselves to be bamboozled into creating unsightly scars of our own. 

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