What every woman (and some men) could learn from Mo'Nique

Every woman could learn about sexiness from actress and comedienne Mo'Nique. So could plenty of men. Photo: Flickr

DENVER, August 11, 2013—It’s all about Mo’Nique.

Forget Kate Upton, Elizabeth Hurley, Cindy Crawford, Eva Longoria, Tara Banks and every other model of beauty that society has foisted upon us.

It’s all about Mo’Nique.

Mo’Nique is one of the sexiest women alive, and every woman could learn from her. So can plenty of men.

The former hostess with the mostess of “Showtime at the Apollo” is a shining example of how to succeed in the world of romance when the deck is supposedly stacked against you.

Mo’Nique belongs to the one group of people who are still ridiculed by comedians in the cheapest of ways. By current standards, she is “overweight.” She most likely weighs between 200 and 300 pounds.

It has been at least a couple of centuries since overweight people were considered the most beloved people in society. They were “rubenesque,” a euphemism that currently fools nobody.

Supermodels through no fault of their own have young women convinced that “thin is in,” and that “no guy wants to date the fat girl.”

Yet while attitude may not be everything, it goes a long way. PMA (positive mental attitude) turned Mo’nique into a superstar.

She became a sex symbol by declaring herself one. She just decided she was, and acted like it.

She showed up at the Apollo jiggling and shaking her body, singing, “Hey girl. It’s your birthday. We’re going to party, like it’s your birthday.”

An alien from another planet observing her would conclude that she is big, black, and it is always her birthday.

On more than one occasion she would single out her fellow hefty women for praise.

“I want all the big girls on stage. Only the big girls. Big girls, get up here and do your thing.”

All the heavyset women would dance on stage with her as the crowd cheered them on.

Mo’Nique even made a movie where the entire premise was about her girth. It was entitled “Phat Girlz.” Comedian Chris Tucker explained to Americans in “Moneytalks” that P.H.A.T. stands for “Pretty Hot and Tempting.”

Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot sang “Baby Got Back.” He told plus-size women that they were fine the way they were, and did not need to alter their shapes for anyone. For every big girl out there, plenty of Mixalots are just waiting to get with them.

As for Mo’Nique, when a woman is that big a deal, a last name is unnecessary. Madonna and Beyonce proved this. Yet to add an apostrophe jazzes everything up. She is not just Monica or Monique, but Mo’Nique. At the Apollo, she was Mooooooooniiiiiiiqqqqqque.

Mo’Nique’s weight has not prevented her from getting married and having children. It has certainly not limited the roles she has played. While she is a comedienne by trade, she won a best supporting actress Academy Award for her very serious villainous character in “Precious.”

She is an accomplished woman who has had more pain in her life than anybody should have to suffer. She was a childhood victim of incest.

Yet this woman who could have ended up at the bottom of the barrel refused to let her self-esteem be measured by her weight. It is easy to tell other people to just be happy with who they are. It is a very difficult thing for those people to actually do it.

Most men would never admit it, but when Mo’Nique walks on that stage, they find her sexy.

To women and men everywhere, learn from this woman. All the weight loss pills and diets and exercise regimens in the world will not fix what ails the human heart and mind. Above average weight is not a barrier to love and happiness provided the weight avoids becoming a health issue. To love others, one has to love the person in the mirror to the point of confidence but short of vanity.

A great birthday present for any woman would be to feel special for all the right reasons. For men, a great birthday present would be to find a woman as self-assured as Mo’Nique, which leads to a better chance at a healthy relationship.

As for Mo’Nique herself, she should just stay lovely. Go on girl. It’s your birthday. Shake those hips and that ‘badonkadonk.’ Do your thing while the rest of us watch and admire what you do and how you do it. You are sexiness defined.


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