Republicans, it's time to compromise

Come on, GOP, don't be sore losers. Learn to compromise, or we'll all lose. Photo: Associated Press

YAKIMA, Wash., November 24, 2012 — The Republicans have learned absolutely nothing from this past presidential election. Nothing. They honestly support the idea that their core beliefs are all correct, only the way those beliefs are delivered is what must be changed. They’re wrong.  

Their core belief that “no new taxes” is the best solution for job creation doesn’t resonate with the majority of the voting public. Wake up, Republicans, the voters don’t believe this, and neither do a lot of economists. Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman has demonstrated that high taxes didn’t stop job creation in the 50s, and no one contemplates raising them any where near their levels then.

The wealthy can have their income tax rates increased without affecting job creation. Some among them have actually admitted the same. Warren Buffet is a notable rich man who comes to mind. 

Come on, Republicans, it’s time for some compromises.

Another Republican core value is “less government,” which when translated means less regulation. The last Republican administration demonstrated what can happen when less regulation is allowed to happen. Banks failed, people lost their homes, credit card rates were at an all-time high, and we almost lost our auto industry. Regulations, judiciously applied, could have staved off these centerpieces of the Great Recession. Way to go, Republicans, don’t change those core values.

The ideal reality for our country is a strong middle-class earning livable wages, and an economy that has a level playing field with rules that apply equally to all players. Additionally, Americans want a tax structure that applies to all, rich and poor alike, in a fair and equitable way.

Getting there, Republicans, takes compromise.

McCain’s call for a full-blown investigation of the Benghazi affair is further evidence that nothing has changed in the Republican approached to government. His comments of late sound like the loser he was in the 2004 Presidential race, and now is another chance to get even by diminishing his rivals. You diminish yourself in the process Senator McCain, so get over it. Move on. Find a way to move ahead, find a way to work with the President, and find a way to compromise with your fellow Democrats.  

Moving ahead, Republicans, takes compromise.

Romney demonstrated why he’s not fit to lead our nation, why he lost the election and why he lost most of the Latino vote. He showed no genuine interest is solving the immigration problems confronting millions of Latinos, or in helping our middle-class prosper. In fact, he changed his position on these big issues so many times that everyone, Latinos and non-Latinos alike, was asking where he really stood. To this day, Mitt, we still don’t know.  

Latinos want citizenship but Mitt’s Republican values called for self-deportations, or an expensive and complex road to citizenship. Come on, Republicans, what about the millions of Latinos who were brought here, raised here as young children and are now in college?  Many are outstanding students, others are hard workers contributing to the economy, and most are upstanding people who would make solid American citizens. Members of congress working together can remove roadblocks to citizenship without throwing blanket amnesties around.

The reality for most Latinos is that they don’t see themselves being able to identify with Republican values. Republicans values call for creating jobs in a trickle-down fashion, and the results would be low-end paying jobs. Latinos want jobs, but they want jobs that pay a livable wage. Our Congress can provide many of these jobs by working together, if the Republican Party can get down from its high horse. Small business can provide many of these jobs, too. Our economy can roar back with cooperation across the aisle, with both political parties reaping the benefits.

Compromise, Republicans, learn to compromise and quite being sore losers.  

Hey, you Republicans out there, for your information the White House website for petitions has been flooded with requests for states to secede from the union. What? Most of the petitions have come from solid conservative states, namely the Deep South states and Texas. 

Texas? The Lone Star state wants to go it alone again? The home of George W. Bush and the radical Christian right, wants to secede from the Union? This sounds a little like, “I didn’t win so I’m taking my ball and go home.”  

Want to bet the ball belongs to Romney? 

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