The al-Qaeda insanity has to stop

The State Department is ready to spend billions of dollars in Northern Africa. Photo: Al Qaeda fighters, AP

YAKIMA, Wash., January 20, 2013 — An al Qaeda-like group has reared its ugly head in the North African country of Mali. I don’t know much about Mali, and as a curmudgeon I don’t really care. But I do care about this thing called al Qaeda, which seems to bounce around the world like a bad virus. It seems our grandchildren will be dealing with this indurate group of Islamic radicals for years to come.

Over the years the world has witnessed al Qaeda groups attack everything and everyone from hotels, military barracks, embassies, and important individuals to our World Trade Center—all in the name of Islam. Who are these people? I decided to find out.

First of all, like Christianity, Islam is a peaceful practicing religion that is subdivided into different sects, some moderate and some extreme. The Christians, too, have moderate and extreme practitioners of their religion. In Christianity’s worse form, it put people to death, just as does Islam in its practice. 

Like Christianity, Islamic scripture provides a code for living that is all inclusive and mainly peaceful. Millions of Muslims live side by side with Christians in peace and harmony. 

It’s the extremists who interpret Islamic law in an archaic manner which calls for Jihad, a war movement against anyone that disagrees with the extremist interpretations of the Koran, the book of Islamic law and scripture.  

It’s these extremists who are using the Koran as a reason to make Jihad on the world. And these extremist nuts are everywhere.

The organization we call al Qaeda was created by Osama bin Laden in 1988 or 1989 during the Soviet war in Afghanistan. This war, fought from 1979 to 1989 during the Cold War, was fought by Afghan proxies for the West. 

The U.S. poured billions of dollars into this war, which ended with millions of Afghans fleeing to Pakistan and the Soviet Union pulling its army out of Afghanistan in 1989. It was a badly damaging defeat for the Soviets. 

Near as I can tell, the only thing the U.S. succeeded in doing (aside from crippling the USSR) was laying the foundations for the creation of al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden, a Muslim extremist and the son of a wealthy Yemeni builder, had poured millions of dollars into creating the organization.

The U.S. lost control of Bin Laden when he was forced out of Saudi Arabia in the early 1990s because of his religious views. He then went to Afghanistan, which he used as a base to direct al Qaeda terrorist attacks around the world. The World Trade Center attack of 2001 was one of them. 

If Bin Laden and al Qaeda were based in Afghanistan all this time, why did we send troops to fight in Iraq? We supposedly went to Iraq to rid the world of al Qaeda and terrorist training camps. Oops, did we goof? Was it a multi-billion dollar mistake by the Bush Administration?  

Let’s add this up. We sent billions of dollars via Bin Laden to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan and received al Qaeda as our reward. Then we sent troops to Iraq and spent more billions of dollars and received … what? We were told to move the troops to Afghanistan where we spent more billions of dollars and found out that most of al Qaeda’s leaders were in Pakistan. 

We eliminated Osama Bin Laden, which was good, then found out our supposed ally, Pakistan, wasn’t really our true ally. They chastised us for taking out Osama. Why?

Now, suddenly, al Qaeda has reared its ugly head in Mali. Will we send troops there? Will we spend more billions only to find out the terrorist are really in Algeria? Good grief, Charlie Brown, who’s running our foreign policy?

Frankly, this curmudgeon is worried for his grandchildren. While Congress debates our debt ceiling and the President threatens not to send out our Social Security checks, some idiot in the State Department is ready to spend billions more dollars in Northern Africa. The insanity has got to quit.  

We need to rebuild America.

Larry Momo writes columns for the Washington Times Community Section and the San Pedro News Pilot.

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Larry A Momo

Larry Momo has been labeled by his family as a curmudgeon, nit picky and a complainer.  After four years in the Air Force working for the National Security Agency, Mr. Momo returned to the city of Los Angeles and attended Cerritos College and the University of Southern California.  He studied political science and accounting before taking the helm of the family business. 

Some years later, he sold the family business and moved his family to Yakima, Washington where he developed a business in micro-computers.  After sixteen years of programming, Mr. Momo accepted a CEO position of a small company near Portland, Oregon, from which he retired in 2004. 

Never one to sit around, he now works as a school bus driver in addition to his social security.  Writing and contributing to the political dialogue of our country, plus being a curmudgeon, is his developing art form.  Please read and enjoy A Curmudgeon’s View and feel free not to agree with everything written by him.  After all, he is a curmudgeon.


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