Boston Marathon investigation is America at its finest

The FBI and local police did great work in tracking the Boston bombing perpetrators. Photo: AP

YAKIMA, Wash., April 21, 2013 – The Boston Marathon bombing took place last Monday.  By Friday night it was all over. This was great work by the FBI and local police.

People who complain about the FBI and local law enforcement should be re-examining their opinions.  Our first responders and investigators did a great job of helping the wounded and collecting the evidence. 

Because of the first-responders, the bombing causalities were held to a minimum.  Because of the great work by the FBI and local police, the bombing suspects were quickly identified and tracked down.  One was shot and killed by police Thursday night.  The other was pursued and arrested Friday night. 

According to CNN news, the bombing suspects were quickly identified as brothers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, who were granted asylum in 2006 along with their family. They were all escaping from Chechnya and its political turmoil.

America offered the Tsarnaev family a new life, but because of difficulties adjusting to this opportunity they chose to show their discontent by killing and maiming innocent people.   The youngest casualty was only nine years old.

According to the Dallas News, Rusian Tsarni, the uncle of the two suspects, lashed out at his two nephews as “losers” who did not appreciate the opportunity they were given by the U.S.  According to the Uncle these boys came from a losing family that could not adjust to life in America.

“We’re ashamed,” declared the Uncle. He went on to say “these boys don’t represent Chechens and   certainly not Islam.”   “Turn yourself in” the Uncle shouted at a news conference in front of his own home, according to the Dallas News.

Now, with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in custody, some senators are calling for a re-evaluation of the current immigration bill being debated in the Senate.  Other senators are calling for Dzhokhar to be declared a war criminal and have his citizenship rights withdrawn.  Both ideas are just plain wrong.

First, how does our immigration department vet an alien who may become discontented with America?  The younger brother sounded like he was doing great with his new American life.  The older brother was considered an outstanding boxer.  What happened? It sounds like the uncle had it right; these guys were “losers.” 

The question becomes what could we include in the immigration bill that would prevents something like this from happening again?  Maybe we should require background checks for anyone buying a pressure cooker.

The point is, like with the gun control question, there is little we can do to protect against a deranged mind bent on killing and hurting.  The best we can hope for is to intercept the person before they do harm to anyone.

Second, the youngster bomber now in custody is not an enemy combatant.  He’s a U.S. citizen that is guaranteed protection under the law.  American cannot operate under a double standard.  The beauty of our country is we live within our laws, not change them to suit the situation.  If we bend the rules here, where do we bend them the next time?

Yes, the crime was horrendous, unspeakable really, but we need to investigate it fully then apply the full measure of the law.  This is America at its finest.

 (Larry Momo writes columns for the Washington Times Community Section and the San Pedro News Pilot.)

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