WRIGHT: In America we can be gay - or not

This is America and we have freedom of speech, religion and values. No one can force anyone to accept someone else's view of life. Right? Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, October 4, 2013 — Only about 3 percent of the population is gay. Yet the media are celebrating this lifestyle in news coverage, TV shows and movies, promoting it as the new normal.

No matter how hard the media and liberals try to redefine marriage and family, kids still need a mother and father. It takes a man and woman to make a baby — a sperm and an ovary.

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My mother, a much more tolerant woman than I am, hit her breaking point with the Today Show’s incessant gay propaganda this spring and summer in its coverage of NBC correspondent — and lesbian — Jenna Wolfe’s pregnancy. 

Wolfe announced on her new pregnancy blog, “My girlfriend, Stephanie Gosk, and I are expecting a baby girl the end of August.” Since when did two women make a baby?

By midsummer, as Wolfe did weekly Today Show segments on her pregnancy, my mother cried, “Enough is enough.” She didn’t understand why the show was pushing this on viewers every week. “This gives people ideas that this is normal,” my mother said, but it is not. 

When people defend traditional — religious and cultural — family values, liberals try to shame them into silence. Guido Barilla, Chairman of Barilla Group, which sells pasta, told a reporter he wouldn’t feature a gay couple in his pasta ads, because the traditional family is one of the “company’s core values.”

The media went wild, blasting Barilla as anti-gay and a bigot. Barilla noted, “I would not do a commercial with a homosexual family, not for lack of respect toward homosexuals who have the right to do whatever they want without disturbing others — but because I don’t agree with them.”

But Barilla caved in to to the attack dogs and issued an apology, which was ridiculous. He didn’t say he hated gays but rather that he wasn’t going to feature them in his pasta ads. Barilla has a brand and an image that it chooses to maintain through its marketing. Key West is home to several inns and resorts that cater to the gay community. You rarely see a woman and never see families in their ads. Nor are children often seen in ads for luxury car brands. Should we complain about that?

What’s absurd is that liberals succeed at shaming people into a politically correct posture. Straight people are compelled to apologize for believing in traditional family values and condemned for expressing their beliefs. People can have and express gay pride, black pride, Jewish pride, and so on, but no one should feel compelled to applaud it. Moreover, expressing a preference for traditional family values should not be a cause for public shaming.

Since states have begun to allow same sex marriage, gay couples have begun suing florists, bakers and other businesses for discrimination when they refuse to provide services for gay weddings. A black photographer might want to pass on photographing a plantation-themed wedding for Paula Deen, and a black florist might not want to provide the flowers. Should a business owner’s moral and religious beliefs be completely excluded from business decisions?

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Unbelievable. What happened to the First Amendment? It is now acceptable for gay couples to sue non-believers into submission.

Supporters of traditional family values have a place in American culture, and it isn’t at the end of the line. If gays and their supporters want respect and tolerance, they have to give it. Historic wrongs do not justify delivering new wrongs on others. 

Enough with the double standard. If you don’t like the Chairman of Barilla Group celebrating the traditional family in his pasta ads, then don’t buy his pasta. No one is forcing you to. If college students want to celebrate their heterosexuality in a sorority or fraternity that is exclusively straight — as a young woman did recently at Smith college, leading to a torrent of condemnation — you can condemn them if you please.

The First Amendment applies to all, but you have no right to force them into phoney tolerance.

This is America. We have freedoms of speech, religion and values. We don’t have to like any of that, but no one can force anyone to accept their view of life. Gays should live their lives, and leave others alone to live theirs.

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