Obama throws begging blacks a race bone with Trayvon Martin

Black on black violence is horrific, huge numbers of black children are born out of wedlock, and Obama thinks our problem is Zimmerman? Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, July 22, 2013 — President Barack Obama spoke about Trayvon Martin’s killing from the White House James S. Brady Press Briefing room. His comments were beneath the office of the presidency.

How did the death of this black teen rise to the level of a national crisis? It happened because race hucksters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson decided it was a national story, and because Obama obliged them. 

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“First of all, I want to make sure that, once again, I send my thoughts and prayers, as well as Michelle’s, to the family of Trayvon Martin,” Obama said.

“Once again” because in 2012 after Trayvon Martin was shot in self-defense by George Zimmerman, Obama thought it was his presidential duty to wade into the episode and take sides without knowing facts.

“If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon,” Obama declared that first time, reinforcing the exploitation of white on black racism pushed by Sharpton and his gang. When Hadiya Pendleton was gunned down in Chicago in January 2012 by two young black gang bangers, days after she performed at his second inaugural, Obama didn’t say, “Hadiya looks like my daughters.”

Does Obama find black-on-black killings more palatable?

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Obama has never bothered to speak about the mass scale killing of blacks by blacks in his own home, Chicago. Last year 500, mostly black, people were killed in the Windy City. So far this year the toll has already reached 200.

Never mind the young blacks killed in Washington everyday, often no more than a stone’s throw away from the White House.

Why was Trayvon special? Because the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson demanded that Obama prove his “blackness” before the trial was even held.

The race hustlers turned Zimmerman into a “white Hispanic” to perpetuate their faux race war, portraying him as a cold-blooded killer not because he killed someone, but because the man he killed was black.

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One minute Obama is telling the Congressional Black Caucus he’s “president of all Americans” and can’t be bothered to meet with them or address their grievances about problems disproportionately harming blacks, like higher unemployment and diminished wealth, that are escalating under his presidency.

The next minute, Obama weighs in on the controversy, injecting himself into a local legal matter, taking the side of the angry black mobs in a race war fabricated to drive the races further apart.

So why did Obama give this little race talk?

It allowed him to assume the role of Counselor in Chief and dominate the news cycle. Saying “Trayvon Martin could have been me” guaranteed that the headlines and sound bytes would all be about him. It was all calculated to throw a ratings boosting bone to his loyal black constituents, the bone of attention and recognition they’ve been craving.

He did this instead of focusing on real policies to address the problems blacks are facing. He failed to do for blacks as he did for gays with gay marriage and Hispanics with immigration reform. Instead, Obama took the easy way out, siding with blacks in their Zimmerman rage.  

Obama, as a master orator, doesn’t require accountability or hard work; policies do.

“If Trayvon Martin was of age and armed, could he have stood his ground on that sidewalk? And do we actually think that he would have been justified in shooting Mr. Zimmerman who had followed him in a car because he felt threatened?” Obama asked.

Obama’s underlying message to black Americans was, they should have no confidence in our judicial system. The jury was wrong in their acquittal of Zimmerman.

His message was that if we are not happy with the outcome of a trial, we need to protest.

What a way to incite more racial hatred in this country. More disturbing was Obama’s observation “that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in these communities can be traced to a very difficult past.”

Obama implies that somehow evil white people are inflicting this violence on blacks, when it’s blacks who have turned neighborhoods into war zones and ghettos all on their own. They have done it without the help of white people.

Young black men are killing more than young white men. That’s why they are profiled by police and feared by everyone.

A black security guard in Washington recently told me when he leaves work at night, he doesn’t worry about the white men walking around, but the black men give him pause “because they are the ones committing most of the crimes.”

Why is this happening? It is because black babies are born without a father with 73 percent of black babies born out of wedlock. In Richmond, Virginia 86 percent of black families are headed by single parents, mostly women.

In 1965, then Assistant Secretary of Labor Daniel Patrick wrote in his report “The Negro Family, the Case for National Action,” that the illegitimate birthrate for blacks was 23 percent, which was causing a rise in dependency on welfare among blacks.

Moynihan warned President Johnson that the nation should develop policies “to strengthen the Negro family so as to enable it to raise and support its members as do other families.”

When children don’t grow up in an intact home with loving married parents, they drop out of school, turn to drugs, crime and other risky behavior at a higher rate.

Trayvon Martin’s death is tragic. Zimmerman shouldn’t have followed him, but his defense proved that he had reasonable criminal suspicions.

It is not fair all black men are profiled or that racism still exists.  

But it’s a dishonest, hackneyed narrative for Obama to use Martin’s death to continue to treat blacks as powerless victims.

Nearly 50 years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law, the inconvenient truth is that blacks are causing 90 percent of their own problems, need to take responsibility for their own actions and start participating in the equality Martin Luther King and others died for.

In his paternalistic remarks, Obama said Americans need “to figure out how are we doing a better job helping young African American men feel that they’re a full part of this society and that they’ve got pathways and avenues to succeed.”

Obama is the nation’s first black president. It looks like black men have more than their fair share of opportunities to succeed in America. After five years in office, perhaps Obama should focus on the real issues facing our country like our economy’s persistent malaise and the growing crisis in the Middle East thanks to his lack of a foreign policy on Syria, Iran and Egypt. 

The liberal news media also needs to get real about doing their job of covering this president: Realize Obama is nothing special. That he is the first black president is nothing “remarkable,” nor does it excuse his Trayvon Martin remarks.

Then perhaps they can hold Obama accountable to the same, that is equal, standards of his white predecessors.

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