Democrats play mind games with the GOP; Ron Paul reacts with heavy blow to Newt Gingrich

The Democratic Party has now unabashedly started playing mind games with conservatives over their choice for the GOP presidential candidate.

CLEMSON, SC, December 12, 2011 — The Democratic Party has now unabashedly started playing mind games with conservatives over their choice for the GOP presidential candidate.

Democrats do not desire a Romney win.

Mitt Romney seems to be a formidable opponent to Obama, so the Democratic Party has begun creating and paying for ads to discredit his public image. While it’s no secret that Mitt Romney has changed his views to the right, the Democratic Party, as well as his opponents in the Republican Party have widely exaggerated these changes.

It’s true: Romney once ran on a liberal platform. However, his message has remained consistent and generally conservative for the past five years. In fact, during this campaign, he hasn’t strayed from the positions laid out in his book. His opponents have cleverly shown both sides of Romney, before and after, implying that the change was not sudden and dramatic, but rather a series of numerous large flip-flops, and indeed, that he is still flip-flopping today.

Recently, the Democratic Party has released an ad, entitled “ The story of two men trapped in one body.” The Democratic Party has been campaigning against Romney for almost 5 years, but campaigning against him so fervently during a primary shows how much they fear him in a general election.

Democrats are actively pursuing a Gingrich win.

In a bizarre, mind-stifling move, the Democratic Party has begun campaigning for Newt Gingrich. Democratic Congressman Barney Frank recently said, “I did not think I had lived a good enough life to be rewarded by having Newt Gingrich be the Republican nominee.”

Just days later, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was publically gleeful at the possibility of an Obama vs. Gingrich race. The only logical reasoning available for this type of action would be that Democrats internally know that they can beat Gingrich by slinging mud at him in a general election.

Ironically enough, Democrats have now even launched ads trying to get Newt Gingrich support from the TEA Party!

Ron Paul lashes out at Newt Gingrich.

Congressman Ron Paul has recently highlighted Newt Gingrich’s consistent inconsistencies. With a new Internet ad campaign, Paul has accused Newt Gingrich of “serial hypocrisy.” After an intro where Gingrich explains “It’s a real question of policy, a real question of values and real question of seriousness,” Paul dissects each of those points.

First he pins Gingrich on a series of policy flip-flops, “many in the same week.” Then he highlights Gingrich’s ethics violations and allegations of crony capitalism. Finally, he implies that Gingrich isn’t serious because he has “flip and flopped based on who was paying him,” while adopting radically different positions.

Paul’s next ad, “Selling Access,” shows more clips which rail on Gingrich for being a “career politician,” driven out of the Speakership in disgrace, the absolute symbol of a corrupt system, and having a graveyard of skeletons in his closet.

Conservatives fear Gingrich’s past in a general election.

Michael Savage, a nationally syndicated conservative talk show host, just offered Newt $1 Million to drop out of the race, citing his uncertainty in Gingrich’s ability to win in the general election.

Conservatives begin looking to Governor Jon Huntsman

Increasingly, conservatives are realizing that Huntsman and Paul appear to be the most consistent conservatives in the field, contrasted with Romney and Gingrich’s apparent flip-flops. Huntsman and Paul vastly differ on foreign policy, however, and those who are firmly against Paul’s perceived “isolationism,” could support a Huntsman bid.

Many candidates have had their time in the GOP Primary spotlight this year. With Newt declining in support, many conservatives are wondering if Huntsman will rise to the top next.


John Paul Cassil studies Management/Entrepreneurship and Political Science at Clemson University. A former U.S. House of Representatives Page, Cassil has since worked on conservative campaigns and in Congress for Congresswoman Foxx.

Cassil is the Managing Editor of the Tiger Town Observer, Clemson’s Conservative Journal of News and Opinion. He regularly speaks about activism at national conservative conferences.

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John Paul Cassil

John Paul Cassil studied Business Management (Entrepreneurship) and Political Science, recently graduating from Clemson University with the highest GPA of all business majors in his class. Cassil currently performs business analysis for the Secretary's Office of the U.S. Department of State, with an active Top Secret Security Clearance. 

Cassil has extensively traveled throughout Europe, the US, and the Middle East. He's lived across the American South, in Belgium, Kuwait, and Israel. He has interests in politics and foreign policy, having participated in numerous Model United Nations conferences around the world, including Harvard World MUN in Taipei, Taiwan and Princeton's 2008 Youth Initiative for Progress in Iraq Conference, in Amman, Jordan. 

In 2007, Cassil was appointed as a U.S. House of Representatives Republican Cloakroom Page by Speaker of the House John Boehner. Cassil has since worked for Congresswoman Virginia Foxx, as well as South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson's successful campaign. 

In College, Cassil served as the Managing Editor and Media Director of Clemson's Tiger Town Observer, as well as the Founder and Chairman of Clemson's Young Americans for Freedom. He has spoken about his collegiate activism at national conferences of organizations such as the Young America's Foundation and Eagle Forum. He has written articles for both The Washington Times Communities and Roll Call.

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