CPAC 2013: Conservative coalescence or Neo-Con vs Libertarian?

The conservative base is fractured. Four-million registered Republicans did not vote in the 2012 presidential election. Why not? Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, March 13, 2013 ― Six trillion dollars tacked onto the national debt, a healthcare plan that that the CBO claims will add $6 trillion more to the debt, mounting tensions internationally with no improvement in sight. It was supposed to be the easiest Republican election win since Reagan’s re-election.

So what happened? Four million registered republicans didn’t bother to vote. The most common response given by those asked why they did not? “No discernible difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.”

As the Republican party continues to drift further and further left in an attempt to appease the center-left, their primary success has been in alienating their base. To have thought that they could sway Obama’s cult-like following of lemmings was foolish at the very least. Obama could do absolutely anything, and his followers would either find an excuse for it or find a reason to praise it.

By taking a middle-of-the-road approach to policy, Republicans inspired no one. Worse still, they spurned those most dedicated to what used to be the core beliefs of the party ‒ smaller, more efficient government. Romney’s stance on issues seemed to flip-flop with the latest polls. His GOP primary declaration that he would have signed the NDAA as it was probably lost him seven figures worth of voters.

Americans want a leader who will take the oath of office seriously, who will uphold and defend the Constitution, not spend all his time and effort trying to figure out how to circumvent it.

More Americans are waking up to the reality that unless we take an aggressive approach to getting spending under control, we are soon to be experiencing a debt crisis that will make the 2008 a blip on the radar.

Can you imagine what a debt crisis would look like in this country? In the days of the great depression, those between 16 and 60 that did not have a job were considered unemployed. At the peak of the depression, unemployment topped out around 26 percent. Today, we basically only count those who are receiving unemployment benefits. If we calculated unemployment as we did in the 30’s, we would be close to 40 percent. But 70 million people in bread lines looks bad for politicians, so we mask the problem with food stamps and welfare.

Imagine if those breadlines ran out of bread? Imagine if 20 million Americans on mood / mind altering prescription drugs were suddenly taken off cold-turkey? You think Chicago-Land is bad now? We are living in utopia compared to what we will be dealing with when (not if) a debt crisis rears its head. A return to the historic average of interest rates would be all it would take.

This reality is why we need to cling to our rights now more than ever. Is it really a coincidence that the DHS is buying billions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of anti-personnel armored vehicles?

We have all grown up with a “normalcy bias” that brainwashes us into thinking “it could never happen here.” That same normalcy bias resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews.

We cannot borrow and spend our way to prosperity.

Ron Paul realized this. His downfall was his foreign policy. Had never accepted that, like it or not, America has been placed into the role of the arbiter of the world. In the years shortly after world war two, with America the only nation powerful enough to maintain global order, America’s military guarantees became an unofficial adjunct to its role as the provider of the world’s reserve currency.

We will not have that role for much longer. It is deteriorating at a rapid pace, as one country after another continues to distance itself from the dollar. The fact is that we are right in the middle of an economic collapse.

Hearing fudged numbers from the government, or watching the stock market hit all time highs (unless you adjust for inflation, in which case we have a long ways to go) does not change the fact that the numbers are fudged. It does not change the fact that the stock market’s biggest investor is the Federal Reserve Bank, which is dumping billions of new dollars, borrowed in our names, into the market so those with a 401K “feel” wealthy, an subsequently go and borrow more money, keeping the ponzi scheme going just one more day.

Can it be fixed? No one knows. But the only chance we have to fix it is to stop the credit card economics now.

Are there any political leaders willing to step up and speak the truth? Are any willing to risk political suicide in an attempt to tell the truth? Would the message be mocked and called conspiracy theory or fringe? No. Millions of Americans would stand up and say “thank God, it’s about time.”

We are not children. We can handle the truth. The American people can and will overcome the challenges we will face. If there is anyone honest enough to lead us through a controlled collapse, who has the courage to help us prepare in a realistic way and with a real plan for rebuilding, I for one hope he or she will show up at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference.

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