COTTO: Has George Zimmerman lost touch with the real world?

The man who was acquitted of any wrongdoing in Trayvon Martin's death seems prone to unwanted publicity. Photo: Associated Press

OCALA, Fla., September 10, 2013 — Another day, another George Zimmerman story.

This time around, it is something far more serious than a speeding ticket or smiling photo at a gun manufacturer’s headquarters. 

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Yesterday afternoon, the former neighborhood watch captain’s soon-to-be-ex wife, Shellie, called her local police with an urgent message. The popular right-of-center blog Legal Insurrection made most of this available online.

Shellie: [George is] trying to shut the garage door on me.

Dispatcher: Is he inside now?

Shellie: No, he’s in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he’s saying “Step closer” and he’s just threatening all of us with his firearm — 

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Dispatcher: “Step closer” and what?

Shellie: — and he’s gonna shoot us.

Dispatcher: Okay.

Shellie: He punched my dad in the nose; my dad has a mark on is face. I thought his glasses were on the floor. He, he accosted my father and then took my iPad out of my hand and smashed it and cut it with a pocket knife.

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After some more chatter, Shellie said that she didn’t “know what [George] is capable of. I’m really, really scared.”

The incident took place in the suburban central Florida town of Lake Mary, which lies between the port city of Sanford and the sprawling metropolis of Orlando. It was in Sanford that George, a former neighborhood watch captain, fatally shot unarmed seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin last year. 

George was ultimately cleared of any legal wrongdoing in the matter during a highly controversial trial which ended nearly two months ago.

WFTV of Orlando reports that George’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, who is now a pundit on CNN, “said there may be have been some ‘pushing and touching’ but George….never punched his father-in-law.

“Lake Mary Police spokesman Zach Hudson said [George] and his wife are blaming each other for starting the fight Monday afternoon.

“O’Mara said neither side wants to press charges.

“Despite that move, Monday’s case will still go to the state attorney’s office which could decide to file charges.”

Sundance of The Conservative Tree House, a blog which detailedly reported on the Martin shooting’s aftermath, writes that “(f)iltering through all the media reports this is what appears. George and Shellie were both living at a rental home owned by her parents. 

“They are in the process of getting divorced, and subsequently are moving out of that residence. According to Mark O’Mara’s brief statement to media, Shellie Zimmerman was supposed to pick up her stuff last Saturday and George today. Shellie showed up unexpectedly. George was not alone. Another woman, and a friend, was with George.”

Irrespective of what anybody thinks about George’s innocence in the Martin shooting, he was found not guilty and will suffer no legal consequences for his actions. George’s older brother, and de facto public spokesman, Robert, spoke to The Washington Times Communities last week.

“George has endured an altered reality as many of us have for some time now,” he said. “I don’t foresee George or anyone else living in the normal of the past. 

“George has been in the news for fairly normal non-events and that is certainly not a normal reality for most people. George has more reason to be armed and concerned for his security now that he moves about. Before, the isolation insulated him somewhat from being exposed to people who might express hostility, or worse.”

Perhaps George’s forced disconnect from society can explain a great deal of his recent actions. It seems no stretch to say that he does not view the world around him as most do.

While it certainly would be advisable for George to keep a next-to-nonexistent, let alone low, profile, he appears to have his own ideas. The key question is this: Does he incorporate reason into his decision making?  

If not, then he is in for a bumpy ride. Aside from the lunatics who would like to exact physical retribution against him for the Martin shooting, there are no shortage of media personalities and professional political-slash-legal activists who unflinchingly despise the Zimmerman name.

Should George remain in the public eye, then there is little doubt that his white collar enemies will have field day after field day.

Despite all of his naysayers, George can still lead a decent life. Now is not the time for mass attention, though. He ought to be away in some secluded golf resort or a cabin in the forest trying to piece his future together.

Granting interviews to reasonable members of the press is by no means a bad thing. Had George made publicity this way, then he would have less problems. Instead, all the hard news we get about him is delivered via flashy headlines, and most of these are probably written by journalists who do not like him.

In short, George needs to fly under the radar for a good while. He can, and hopefully will, tell his side of the story one day — about both Martin and Shellie. Until then, though, it would be a fantastic idea for him to surface only when legally necessary.

Peace and quiet are wonderful things.

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