Why do so many Americans love to hate secularism?

The answer is no less difficult than the question. Photo: Originally posted on Stormfront; screen capture provided by Haley & Associates

FLORIDA, May 29, 2013 — “My husband is a proud USMC sniper,” the message begins. 

“We and our children and all the real marines in our unit are proud Christians. We all walk our life in the Lord’s Word. This means that it is our number one job to bring the lost to the Word and Grace of our Savior. By all the means necessary. If we fail to do so all who do not find Christ will burn in the darkness of hell.

“Mr. Mikey Wienstien has dedicated his earthly life to satan. To trying to stop marines and soldiers and the American forces from bringing the fallen world to Christ. And most of the world is fallen. Christ is the one and only way. This makes Mikey the number one enemy of the Savior. Mikey on tv. Mikey on the radio. Mikey in the magazines and newspapers and Mikey all over the internet. Mikey won’t stop defying Christ and persecuting his followers in the service.

“But Mikey’s earthly life will end one day soon we pray. It is then he will pay. It’s then we will sing and smile. Our prayer circle on base is large and effective. Our prayer circle prayer is a dream of a world with no Mikey Wienstein in it. 

“The dream we share is of Mikey in hell on fire and screaming. And screaming and screaming and screaming. As the flames bake him. For all eternity as our Lord has proclaimed. And noone can hear him. Noone can help him. Watch Mikey sceam in our dream. Here Mikey scream in our dream.

“Watch Mikey sceam in our dream. Here Mikey scream in our dream. Forever in hell with his friends the homos, the muslems the communists, the leftists. And the gun haters and the abortion lovers. Christ makes all things new again. Christ answers the prayers of his faithful. and noone is more faithful to Christ than the USMC. Burn, burn Mikey burn. Halleluyah.”

This is just one of the emails sent to Mikey Weinstein, a retired Air Force prosecutor and former member of the Reagan Administration. He now heads the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, an organization devoted to securing the religious liberties of our nation’s armed forces personnel. 

Another message goes like this: “You and your group are a bunch of Christian haters what your trying to do to our military is a bunch of bull shit thank you for putting a target on your back for all of us to take aim at”. The following individual has a far wider scope: “What a shame Hitler didn’t wipe the seed of Weinstein off the face of the globe.” 

There is something repulsive unfolding across the fruited plains. I think it is, to a certain extent, the result of free trade fanaticism and some businesspeople’s desire for cheap, illegal labor. Both of these pathologies have combined to fiscally vanquish entire communities. It probably also has to do with the housing bubble bursting in spectacular fashion; no longer are middle class folks allowed to live like millionaires. 

In any case, this repulsive something is, in its rawest form, anger. It is the sort of anger which can easily be cultivated into a seething rage. Of course, rage needs a target. This is when time-tested scapegoats are chased by blood-hungry wolves, even if the poor goats have absolutely nothing to do with the original problem.

As a matter of fact, they probably don’t. Rage cares not for reason, though, so this becomes a moot point. 

It seems like this anger has found a target for the time being: secularism. That should be none too surprising as religions, especially those of a fundamentalist bent, often gain traction during times of financial hardship. Anti-semitism also flares up during economic downturns, and when the massive inferiority complex associated with this meets theological radicalism, all hell can break loose. 

Considering that many Jewish-related charities and political organizations have long been champions of the separation between church and state, anti-secularism becomes all the more lucrative. Now, it is able to attract individuals who themselves are non-theistic, but despise Jews due to ancient prejudices.

The icing that not only tops this rotted cake but binds its layers is a warped vision of Christianity. How warped, exactly? Read on: “Know how hated you are Micky kikeboy. Sandnigger and queer lover. Lord Jesus will take off your head. Like bin Ladens. and serve it to your stink trator wife. And coward children on silver platter. No escape for you. die.”

A blogger named Denise explains some supposedly Christian religion: “The USA was founded by White Christians. Christians, or the facsimiles there-of, are still a majority of the population. Trillions of American tax dollars have been showered on Israel. We’ve fought, killed, and died for the goals of Jewry for nigh on a century. The evangelical “Christian” retardates can’t slobber enough all over the Self Chosen. Yet they still want to crush Christianity, no matter what.

“I know a lot of Awakened Whites loathe Christianity. I know why. I understand, and I sympathize, to a large degree. Jews have been attacking our Race for centuries.  They loathe White Christians because Whites Christians have been the only demographic that has successfully kept them in check, for centuries. Christians, however, have been conned and lulled into forgetting to be Christians. Zionist Talmudic Jewry has  expended enormous resources and energy into demonizing Whites.  We need to turn their tactics back on them.

“Vlad Tepes was a Christian Hero. A warrior for the Faith. He knew how to deal with his enemies.”

Even if one is a hardline atheist, but hates Jews beyond measure, there is something to buy into here. It is not the Old Rightish racialism found at publications like American Renaissance or the late Lawrence Auster’s View From the Right. Rather, it is outright white supremacy; the sort which lends itself to the worst brand of terror imaginable.

Does anybody else find it interesting that the pseudo-Christians who dog the MRFF exalt a Palestinian Jew named Yeshua — Jesus — as their lord and savior? News flash: He didn’t have the golden brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and Nordic facial features that European painters portrayed. Instead, he had the swarthy appearance common to the Mediterranean. 

How on Earth a fellow like this has become a symbol of white supremacy is beyond me.

Addressing this hatred is no easy matter. I prefer to ignore it; why give these creeps the time of day, let alone a place in our national discussion? Still, just because one pays no mind to something does not mean that it will go away. Perhaps it is best to support causes which strive to keep our government a secular one. If, by some human miracle, the economy picks up again, then any gains the haters have made during the Recession Era might erode. 

I do hope that this is what happens. 

Difficult as it might be, acknowledging that the rage exists is essential. Only then can we as a country begin to work against it.    

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