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FLORIDA, March 15, 2012 — Political correctness has become quite popular over the last several decades. Despite this, it has attracted no small measure of criticism. What can be said about the matter? Is political correctness finding a friendly audience with younger generations of men? 

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In this second part of our discussion, dating commentator and social critic Roosh V shares his views on these tremendously important subjects. He also tells us about the greatest lesson he learned as a professional dating writer, his single bit of advice for the life well lived, and how he became such a noted voice regarding men’s issues.      


Joseph F. Cotto: Over the last several decades, political correctness has made serious inroads. At the same time, it has attracted immense criticism. What do you think about the matter?

Roosh V: Political correctness is punishment of the strong to support the weak. I’m not a white man (my parents are Middle Eastern), but I see how they are using them as a boogeyman of nearly all social problems of society. The movement won’t stop until all white men are impoverished and disempowered in favor of minorities, women, and homosexuals. 

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Cotto: During the years ahead, do you expect political correctness to find a welcome audience among younger generations of men?

Roosh: The best brainwashing program for politically correct speech is higher education. This is where you have a man’s undivided attention for four years. You can stuff his brain with whatever nonsense you want, but since fewer men are now going to universities, I think you will begin to see men growing up without this brainwashing and then questioning a lot of PC ideas. 

Cotto: Since you became a professional writer about dating, what has been the greatest lesson you learned?

Roosh: American women are the worst in the world. I’m not using hyperbole; I’ve been to over 25 countries and have dated in most of them. It’s the only country where I have consistently sour experiences with uppity women who seem to swallow all the male hatred that has been taught to them in college and by the media. Dating an American woman is like going to battle, and I feel sorry for all the men that are still stuck with them. 

Cotto: If you could give men a single bit of advice for the life well lived, what would it be?

Roosh: Get out of America. Make your money, start some type of internet business that frees your mobility, and hop an airplane to a destination where English is not the primary language. At least when it comes to women and comfort, the grass is indeed greener. I’ve lived almost four years outside of America, and I have no desire to go back.

Cotto: Now that our discussion is at its end, many readers are probably wondering how you came to be such a noted voice about men’s issues. What inspired you to pursue such a career?

Roosh: It was an accident. I originally writing guys how to find happiness through sex and casual relationships, but soon it became clear that the more American girls you sleep with, the less happy you become. My search abroad for feminine women made it easier to write comparisons on how bad American guys have it.

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