Asking Roosh V: What legacy has feminism left for men?

Roosh V, one of  today's most controversial dating commentators, shares his opinions on infidelity, chivalry, midlife crises, and more. Photo: AP

FLORIDA, March 14, 2012 —  Roosh V knows that the dating scene can be an exhilarating, confusing, and depressing place; sometimes all at once.

He has devoted his career to discovering exactly how it is that people should navigate such a maze. As the years have passed, his writings on the subject have come to address the culture of romantic relationships itself. This has caused a great deal of controversy, which is unsurprising when his views on modern feminism and divorce, among other hot-button issues, are considered.

In this first part of our discussion, Roosh V explains his opinions about the decline of chivalry, high divorce and infidelity rates, the idea of nice guys finishing last, male midlife crises, and the legacy which feminism has left for men. 

Political correctness is not the guiding light here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Joseph F. Cotto: Over the last several years, many have come to believe that chivalry is no longer a practical social norm. Do you agree with this idea?

Roosh V: Chivalry was an exchange. Men would be chivalrous while women would look presentable, cook wholesome meals, and take care of the home. This obviously has broken down, but women still believe men should hold their end of the bargain while they abstain. It’s 2013 and they advise men like me to open doors, be polite, and pay for dates, yet when you tell them to act like a lady, they denounce you as a “sexist” or “misogynist.” 

The irony is that women absolutely do not have sex with chivalrous men anymore; they stick them straight in a black hole known as the friend zone. Until women reward chivalrous men with sex and relationships, it will continue to be be phased out of society. 

Cotto: Today, divorce and infidelity rates are disturbingly high. Insofar as men are concerned, why do you think that this is the case?

Roosh: Divorce in America is a great deal for women. She gets half a man’s assets and monthly payments that can be quite substantial if children are involved. The more money the man has, the more she gets paid. The ultimate humiliation for husbands is to pay alimony for a woman who then takes care of her “bad boy” lover in his former bed. If you take away incentive for a woman to remain a wife or to be loyal, she won’t. 

Cotto: It is often said that “Nice guys finish last”. Generally speaking, what are your views about this idea?

Roosh: That phrase presupposes that nice guys are even in the game, but these days they are resigned to being spectators. If you are a nice guy, the best hope you have is marrying a spinster in her 30s who already had more than a couple dozen sexual partners when she was “discovering” her sexuality during her 20’s, and she’ll still put you below her office career. 

You get the used car with high maintenance costs while the jerks who treat her poorly get to drive the new car off the lot, enjoying the new car smell.

Cotto: Often, men develop midlife crises due to serious self esteem issues. Do you believe that this is inevitable, or more of a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Roosh: When your masculinity is being shamed into obsolescence by the feminist elite, when women are repeatedly passing on you for bad boys, and when no one seems to give a damn that you’ve had a respectable career where you’ve contributed meaningfully to society in some way, you’d have self-esteem issues too. When you’ve done everything that women told you in order to land a wonderful wife and mother, but you’re alone and stuck on with nothing but 50 year old divorcees giving you winks, I think you would wonder why you worked so hard in life and if it was all worth it.

Cotto: Feminism is a tremendously controversial subject. From your standpoint, what legacy has it left for men?

Roosh: Weaker men. The whole point of feminism is to absolve women or all responsibility for their actions while shaming or criminalizing masculinity. Women act more masculine in their pursuit of power while men are becoming unsure of which behaviors they can safely exhibit, forcing them to take on more feminine traits. In the end you’ll have an androgynous society where both sexes are unhappy because you’ve taken them far away from natural behavior that has existed among humans for hundreds of thousands of years. 

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