Guns, weed and more: The inconvenient truth about Trayvon Martin

The fatally shot seventeen-year-old's life leading up to his encounter with George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin's own words. Photo: AP/Martin

FLORIDA, June 5, 2013 — The defense want to introduce texts written by Trayvon Martin into the trial of George Zimmerman.  

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While the identity of the recipient in the texts (see pdf or image) remains a mystery, there is no doubt as to who the original messenger is: Trayvon Martin. These text messages were sent on November 22, 2011, just over three months before he would be fatally shot by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman.

Transcript of Texts / Click to enlarge

Transcript of Texts / Click to enlarge

Zimmerman is about to stand trial for allegedly murdering Martin. He claims that he acted in self-defense. Many believe his claim wholeheartedly and blame his prosecution on political correctness run amok.

Others believe him to be a racist, although he himself is of multiracial background. 

Irrespective of one’s views about Zimmerman, the following question must be asked: Who was Trayvon Martin?

In the shooting’s wake, national media organizations portrayed Martin as an almost angelic figure, a young man who was savagely struck down while minding his own business. None of us know exactly why he was shot. The facts will surely reveal themselves in time. What we do know, however, is that Martin was far from perfect. 

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Recently, Zimmerman’s legal defense team released a detailed transcript of text messages which Martin sent and received during the months leading up to his death.

Now, the public can learn who Martin was — for better or for worse — in the late seventeen-year-old’s own words. 

Selected messages from the transcript are listed below.


It is Valentine’s Day; February 14, 2012. Trayvon Martin is suspended from school and deep in conversation.

Someone: Wea u at? [Text blocked out]

Trayvon: Suspended

Trayvon receives another message nearly eighteen minutes later. 

Someone: Yo

Trayvon: Wats gud??

Someone: I got a gud ass 1 we just need the thang kid

Trayvon: Wea its at??

Someone: [Text blocked out] sed he will in my area he walk around with at least a stack

Hours after, Trayvon mentions his suspension again.

Someone: Why you not in school?

Trayvon: Suspended

Someone: I thought u was going out with ur friend

Trayvon: Naw my ol g say she dont want me home caus she think ima get in mo trouble

Trayvon: Fightn

Someone: she kick u out

Someone: What you fighting fa?

Later on in the day, it looks like some kind of get-together is in the works.

Someone: So wat we finna do

Trayvon: U sayd friday right??

Someone: Yea

Trayvon: Aigh my dawg gon slid nd yall gon get it

Someone: U cumin

Trayvon: Naw i gotta chill caus i just got in trouble nd who all gon b wit u?


By February 15, seemingly addictive activities are being discussed. 

Someone: Oh, you smoke?

Trayvon: Yea do u?? 

Trayvon: Yall had smokd da rest??

Someone: Naw

The next few messages are blocked out, but Trayvon eventually writes the following: Dats worst den smokin

Someone: Lol how?

Trayvon: Caus a addiction 2 alcohol is mo harsh den i addiction2 weed


Only three days later, Trayvon and another person are talking about obtaining firearms.

Trayvon: Wydd??

Someone: getting my Mama really for a fight 

Trayvon: Yo dad gf cumn ova??

Trayvon: U got heat??

Trayvon: U got heat??

Someone: bae I’m [text blocked out] we crazy she got her guns

Trayvon: U got heat??

Someone: No

Trayvon: -__- Bae bullets dnt hav eyes

Trayvon: O aigh 

Trayvon: Umhmm im tryna tell u

Someone: wat 

Trayvon: Nutn b safe man

Trayvon: U gotta gun??

Someone: it my mommy but she buy for me

Trayvon: She let u hold it??

Someone: yea

Trayvon: But she keep it??

Someone: yea

The next message is sent almost thirty minutes later.

Trayvon: I gotta bill right na 4 sum fie

Others arrive much later that night.

Someone: You want a 22 revolver

Someone: You want a 22 revolver

Trayvon: Wat shoota??


The date is February 20. Trayvon has less than one week to live. He is conversing with someone about weed, Orlando, and more.

Trayvon: Hey

Someone: Wyd?

Trayvon: Getn ready 2 leav

Someone: Where you going?

Trayvon replies almost eighteen minutes later.

Trayvon: Orlando

Someone: Orlando? Why?

Trayvon: 2 chill

Someone: you got family up there?

Trayvon replies nearly fifty-two minutes later.

Trayvon: Yea

Someone: so how long you staying?

Trayvon replies roughly seventeen minutes later.

Trayvon: A week

Trayvon sends another message nearly eighteen minutes after.

Trayvon: I hid m weed [text blocked out]

Someone: bae why u put the weed [text blocked out]

Trayvon: Its wrapd…… i neva caught da bus nd i thought dey was gon check nd dats da safest plac


The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Draw whatever conclusions you choose about Trayvon Martin. I think that the fellow’s own words speak for themselves quite clearly.

No spin necessary. 

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