George Zimmerman's father writes book on race and the Martin shooting

He considers the Congressional Black Caucus Photo: AP

FLORIDA, June 20, 2013 — A new book is out, and it is stirring up some major controversy. 

Former Virginia magistrate Robert Zimmerman has written a riveting account of his son’s ordeal amidst the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin shooting. Titled Florida v. Zimmerman: Uncovering the Malicious Prosecution of My Son, George, it is available in digital format on Amazon.

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The official description is short and to the point: “This book describes how and why my son, George Zimmerman, has been charged with the crime of murder.”

Martin, an unarmed seventeen-year-old with a history of truancy, firearms-related issues, and handling marijuana, was killed by Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain who claims that this was done in self-defense after Martin beat him severely. 

Evidence does suggest that Zimmerman suffered head injuries, though exactly how and why remains a mystery. What can be certain, however, is that the shooting’s aftermath has been a polarizing influence on American social and political life. It has also drawn considerable attention to the oft-overlooked central Florida port city of Sanford, where the shooting took place.

A detailed review at the rightish blog Conservative Treehouse paints a heart-wrenching picture of Florida v. Zimmerman.

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“(W)e can grasp how pained the journey for the entire Zimmerman family has been. We can also see how troubled and brave the family patriarch is,” a contributor by the name of ‘sundance’ writes.

“It must have been very difficult for Mr. Zimmerman to confront that which he never before experienced; the full frontal rabid assault of the Professional Black Grievance Industry.

“You can see from the strength of disappointment, clouded in profound admonition, Robert was, and is, hurt. Hurt and angry toward the undeserved attributes always used as weapons by the BGI to isolate their victim.

“What Robert has outlined in the well engaged book is a first hand account of how it feels to have the ire of the black race-driven industrial complex advancing upon you with no regard for cause or fact.”

Meanwhile, a different perspective is had at The Root; one of the foremost black-interest blogs.

“Zimmerman writes at length about his background and his family’s multiracial identity, seemingly to counter accusations that his son, a 29-year-old neighborhood-watch volunteer, was racially motivated to shoot the unarmed black 17-year-old last year. Zimmerman is white, and his wife is Hispanic,” notes journalist Corey Dade.

Dade quotes Zimmerman’s account of a diverse household in which George had a black prom date. He also tells of how “Zimmerman devotes a chapter to the racial overtones of the case that promise to further inflame the issue. In the chapter “Who Are the True Racists?” he accuses a number of black leaders and organizations of being racist. He also criticizes the attorneys representing the Martin family as being race-baiting schemers.

“He writes that before the shooting, he believed that “generally racism was a thing of the past.” But after the national outcry against his son, he says he realized that racism is “flourishing at the insistence of some in the African American Community.””

Zimmerman refers to the Congressional Black Caucus as a “self-serving group of racists” and believes that “all members of Congress should be ashamed of” it, along with “their constituents”. He also claims that the NAACP “promotes racism and hatred for their own … interests” and lacking “prejudice and racial divide, [the organization] would cease to exist”. Its president, Ben Jealous, is described as what the former magistrate “would think of a racist”.

Judd Legum of the left-leaning blog ThinkProgress notes that “(w)hile stopping short of explicitly calling President Obama a racist, Zimmerman Sr. does say that Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have “shamelessly” sought to exploit his son’s case “to obtain great advantage in the African-American community.”

“Zimmerman Sr. says that because of Holder’s decision to investigate whether Trayvon Martin’s death violated federal civil rights laws, the FBI did not have “adequate resources to investigate clearly identified potential terrorist [sic] in the Boston area.” Now, “tragically, we have suffered the consequences of Mr. Holder’s politically motivated decisions.””

By now, almost everyone has an opinion about the Martin shooting. 

In many respects, one can say that the shooting itself was never really an issue at the national level. Rather, a jumble of agenda-driven individuals decided that they had found a new cause through which their causes could be championed. The racial contrast between Martin and Zimmerman was apparently too great an angle for some to ignore. 

Only a few months after Martin was killed, his name had become more of a pop-culture icon than anything else.  

His death has been subject to reckless analyses by individuals who are using the matter for their own gain. Period. If this continues into the future, long after both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman have faded from the headlines, then the integrity of the American media will be in a dire situation.

While Robert Zimmerman’s book might not gel with all opinions about the Martin shooting, hopefully it will go a long way toward addressing the facts regarding its aftermath.

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