Angela Corey's team reportedly destroyed evidence in Zimmerman trial

It's worse than it sounds. Photo: Associated Press

FLORIDA, July 22, 2013 — During George Zimmerman’s trial for second-degree murder, and later manslaughter, computer analyst Richard Connor was called to testify for the defense. 

His testimony was eventually stricken from the record by Judge Debra Nelson, but has nonetheless allowed for some startling discoveries. Chief among these is that Trayvon Martin’s cellular phone belonged to an account owned by his mother, Sybrina Fulton.

The Conservative Tree House, a popular blog which has provided detailed coverage of the Martin shooting’s aftermath, uncovered some troubling information related to this. 

Citing a video recording from the trial, blogger Sundance declares that “it was not, as previously stated by the [Martin family lawyers], Tracy Martin accessing his own phone records on 3/17/12 which could have revealed “Dee Dee”. Another BIG lie.

“It is also important to note who is making this assertion. The State. They are doing this to cloud the phone ownership, even though their own case is resting on the reliability of the phone records as it relates to Rachel Jeantel.”

He goes on to remark that “the account ownership begs perhaps the bigger question: When Benjamin Crump passed out partial phone records to the media on 3/20/12, they included the name of the account owner as Tracy Martin. How is this possible on the printed detail if the phone was actually under the account of Sybrina Fulton?”

Sundance states that “(i)f you listen closely to the Richard Conner testimony you realize what he has found. The phone deletions were made around all of the attributes which would have affected the considerations in this case about character and reputation.”

This does not include pornographic images located on Martin’s phone. They were hidden so well that a special computer program would be necessary to find them.

Sundance later tells that “Conner is outlining a very specific educated thesis that the phone was scrubbed of damning evidence after death. Meaning somehow a person intentionally removed, “deleted”, the data.

“Obviously, [Mantei] objects when Conner is going there with his explanations – but the implication is crystal clear. If the state of Florida retained custody of that phone – then someone from FDLE, or in association with the chain of evidence, deleted the data.”

This is an extremely serious allegation. What Sundance says next is even more serious, though: The deleted data was “missing in the State’s discovery to the defense until June 4th. And even after that time, the essential summary of data, which was included in a written report, was devoid of mention to this specific data file of deleted evidence.

“What does this mean? It lends to only one Occam’s Razor explanation: The STATE prosecutorial team intentionally deleted, the data, then delivered a partial file with the non-deleted data, then at the last minute before trial delivered the full data set, but omitted the deleted data from the written report summarizing the entire “bin” file.”

The office of Angela Corey, which prosecuted Zimmerman, has not yet issued a response to TCTH’s reportage.

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