Pro-Trayvon Martin "Dream Defenders" champion Marxism, backed by DoJ

This according to an inside report from the Florida Capitol building, which the Photo: AP

FLORIDA, July 21, 2013 — Pro-Trayvon Martin activists, coalesced in a group calling itself the “Dream Defenders,” continue their occupation of the Florida Capitol building. Their protest has now entered its sixth day.

The occupiers are gathered in the hallway outside of the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s offices, both day and night. Unsurprisingly, their presence has generated a substantial amount of media attention. 

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“It’s no small feat for a grass-roots organization that got its start in Miami just over a year ago,” reports Kathleen McGrory of the Miami Herald.

““It’s been pretty surreal,” said Phillip Agnew, the group’s
28-year-old executive director. “And we’re just getting started.””

According to McGrory, Agnew has previous experience with civil disobedience, which included sit-ins at the Florida Capitol.

She writes, “He was the student body vice president at Florida A&M University when 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson was beaten to death at a Florida boot camp in 2006. At the time, Agnew was more interested in parties than protests. But when he realized that Martin Lee Anderson was the same age as his own little brother, Agnew joined student-led efforts to demonstrate at the capitol.”

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The Dream Defenders chief goal appears to be passage of the “Trayvon Martin Civil Rights Act”. On Friday night, its leaders asked Governor Rick Scott to call a special legislative session during which this could take place. He denied their request.

CBS Miami details what the TMCRA is all about:

“Fully repeal(ing) [the] Stand Your Ground Law

“Requir(ing) law enforcement agencies to develop written policies defining and prohibiting racial profiling.

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“Mandat(ing) law enforcement training on racial profiling.

“Repeal(ing) zero-tolerance policies in schools.

“Promot(ing) restorative justice programs for youth.”

Sundance of The Conservative Tree House, a widely-read right-of-center blog, has released various report from an anonymous source at the state Capitol. On Thursday, the informant stated that “(t)he protesters at no point have done what they claim to be. They have not been respectful nor polite with the public. They have not in anyway done what the generation before them did during the Civil Rights era. They claim to be doing a ‘Sit In’ protest yet they take shifts, sit on their butts near power sockets surfing the internet on the public wifi, they don’t express their views in any logical means and they only show ‘force’ when the media is at hand.

“They claim they want to fight the injustice of racism in American society yet they spew ‘facts’ that no way support their beliefs. They claim that they are barred from voting, speaking in public, gaining an education, or be able to gain employment.”

The informant later remarks that the occupiers “spout Marxism and demand that capitalism is brought down. They believe that there needs to be radical change and that violence is the key. They are willing to violate and abandon the Constitution and the rights and liberty of the people. They continue to want to twist the law and throw it upon the trash heap of history.

“They say that justice was not served yet justice was served as evidenced by the trial. They demanded that Rick Scott have George Zimmerman arrested and tried. He was and a jury of his peers found him not guilty. The protesters do not agree with the findings of the court because they don’t want to have the rule of law exercised. They want the rule of force to enforce their rules and morals. They want this (to) be not a nation of laws but a nation of men ruled through majority rule by decree.

“The protesters themselves are a shabby bunch. They are lazy and ill mannered. Their numbers are around 15 to 20 and they ‘work’ in shifts. The media for the most part will not air the truth. They will only do tight shots of them to make it appear that their numbers are larger then they are.”

Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily has noted that “(m)ore evidence is emerging linking one of the principal organizers of Trayvon Martin protests to the attorneys for the Martin family, Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks.

“WND found the organizer, Vanessa Baden, was listed as working for Crump’s and Parks’ firm on the Martin case.

“Further, Baden has described Crump and Parks as her ‘mentors‘ who ‘showed me that there was a lot more that we need to be fighting for.’

“Baden is the coordinator for Dream Defenders, an activist group that has been leading Martin protests since the onset.”

On Friday, the state capitol informant said that the occupiers “are organizing and growing. They are forming committees to tackle various issues for their little Marxist uprising and they are growing cocky with their contact with the Florida Capitol Police. Sadly the FCP cannot evict them due to an issue with command since they are governed by the House and Senate along with the Executive branch of government and as such their hands are tied. Most are very professional and want to do what’s needed. They have done their best to work this situation with white velvet gloves.

“DOJ-CRS agent Mildred I. Duprey de Robles and FL State Rep. Alan B. Williams of course are constantly on scene to make sure that their special little group of rabble rousers aren’t picked on or have their feelings hurt. This is a critical moment right now; if they are not removed from the Capitol now then the problem will get out of control as their numbers grow and this will become another Occupy Wall Street rally.

“They are looking for conflict and want it to happen so they can then turn it into a public cry of police brutality on their ‘peaceful’ gathering.”

The informant said afterward that the “FAMU Police Chief appeared in civilian attire along with a large group and showed their support of the protesters. Who I believe is the (Deputy) Police Chief of FSU PD also has appeared to show his support of them too. I can’t tell for I do not know FSU PD’s rank structure. 

“Once again … This is a critical moment because like any insurgency, it is weakest at the start. It is passing from that point in time and growing. If it is not stopped now then I fear their numbers will grow and this will get out of hand. Violence is not something I want but it is something they want. They want it to create public outcry and sympathy for their cause which is Astroturfed and controlled through outside means and they still preach the same lines of Marxist-Leninism and Black Liberation Theology.

“To add insult to injury. They went to the desk of the Governor’s reception secretary and dumped unwrapped Skittles candy on her desk. It was rude, childish, ill mannered, and lastly an insult to those that came before them fighting for true justice during the Civil Rights era.”

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