Aaron Clarey explains America's economic meltdown

Popular economist Aaron Clarey shares his views on our country's fading economic power. Photo: Enjoy the Decline

OCALA, Fla., August 21, 2013 — America doesn’t seem to be doing too well these days.

While boiling down the myriad of complex issues facing our country to a single word is difficult, the functional root of them can be described as “division.”

People are divided on a great many issues; taxation, same-sex marriage, gun ownership, illegal immigration, race relations, the societal role of theology, and, of course, abortion rights are only the most prominent of these.

Trying to understand how and why the divisiveness associated with said subjects brings down our country is the stuff of a dissertation, let alone an article.

Nonetheless, economist, dancer, and fossil-hunter Aaron Clarey has devoted much of his time to figuring out America’s troubles. Earlier in the year, he published an ebook on the subject, curiously titled “Enjoy the Decline”. This found a great deal of popularity, which lends credence to the idea that many people are concerned about the United States’s immediate future.

What does Clarey believe that America’s decline entails, specifically?

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“Specifically, a decreasing or stagnation in GDP or income per capita,” he says. “However, overall, a general decay and decline in the quality of life.  This can range from anything from lousy movies to poorer quality in men/women when it comes to dating and marriage to inferior writing to education turning into indoctrination to minimalist architecture. 

“The basic unit of society (humans) are decaying and becoming lower quality individuals and we all get to suffer for it.”

Judging from his research, Clarey believes that “(i)gnorance and human’s natural default tendency towards laziness” caused the decline.

“People, going back to FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and more recently the Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y Generations actually believe they don’t have to work,” he explains.”The concept of Keynesian economics where we just “shuffle money around and POOF” economic growth occurs, not to mention it’s MAINSTREAM economics is proof as to just how stupid, naive, and gullible the average American is. 

“But for a specific “cause” it was the booming 40’s and 50’s, as well as the US dollar’s reserve status that has misled us to think we can live beyond our means and avoid working for what we consume.”

While it may be easy to predict doom and gloom, it is almost impossible to deny that, at times, that is the only reasonable course of action. The facts do not lead Clarey to believe that our country’s decline can be turned around.

“Every empire in history declines and collapses,” he remarks. “There are instances where a strongman or benevolent tyrant takes over and FORCES reality upon his people, but that is rare.”

If America’s economy could be brought back to an era of strong productivity, how would Clarey suggest going about this?

“Eliminate all income taxes and replace it with a single sales tax at state, federal and local levels and make a constitutional amendment limiting the total amount to less than 20% GDP,” he states. “This would assure productive people and businesses their labor would not be confiscated as well as send a signal to the parasitic classes that they will have to work.”

In the event that our country’s decline continues without pause, Clarey opines that there will be “(h)igher prices, lower standards of living, lower supply of goods. You will also see a more tyrannical government, voted in by the dolts that constitute the American electorate to ‘solve the problem.’  

“However, ‘more government’ won’t solve the problem and the decline will continue until there is a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ for the people and the economy as it and society collapses.”

A scary thought if there ever was one.

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