Obama recklessly claims America is ‘Stronger’ in State of the Union

Obama claims that the United States is a Photo: Obama: 2013 State of the Union Address / AP

PHOENIX, February 12, 2013 - During Barack Obama’s first State of the Union address of his second term, the President claimed that the United States is seeing more economic growth and that as a nation we are “stronger” today than we were before.

Though when President Obama claimed that the state of our union was “stronger,” one could only ask: for whom?

22.7 million Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have given up looking for work under the Obama administration. The unemployment rate when Obama took office was 7.8%; four years later, it stands at 7.9%. Are these Americans living in a “stronger” nation? 

Small business and large corporations are hesitant to hire new employees because of the ObamaCare mandate that penalizes companies for hiring more than 50 employees. Certainly, you can’t describe a country that punishes its companies for hiring new employees as “stronger”. 

Moreover, if you are born into this country today, you bring with you a $52,400 debt burden that you had no say in preventing. With an overall national debt of $16.5 trillion, how can our president deem the nation “stronger” when our children are sinking in debt?

President Obama has added over $5.9 trillion to the national debt since taking office in January 2009 that is more than any other president in American history. 

Obama even once again called for investing in more “clean energy” solutions that he claims will create a safer environment for our children and promote economic growth. These “clean energy” solutions are better known as ‘crony capitalism’.

Just look at the Solyndra fiasco.

Solyndra was given $535 million in taxpayer dollars in order to create more jobs and create better alternative energy sources. Instead, Solyndra declared bankruptcy; killing 1,100 jobs all while under investigation by the FBI.

The Solyndra loan and the many other now-bankrupt ‘green energy’ companies were a disgusting and unethical smokescreen designed to propagandize the American electorate into thinking Obama was serious about job creation and lowering the cost of gas via new energy solutions. 

Nearly all of the ‘green energy’ companies that received federal loan guarantees from the Obama administration had deep ties to top Obama campaign bundlers and administration officials.

It is clear that the Obama administration’s ‘green energy’ policy has basically become a campaign bundler payback program. 

President Obama, your address tonight was hopeless and distasteful. The state of the union is not “stronger,” it is weaker, dismal, and doubtful.

It is time the American people saw real job growth and the unemployment rate return to a more stable number. You had four years to create more jobs and your policies have not worked thus far. It is time to try something new for your second term. 

This State of the Union address only showed that the next four years under President Obama will be even more dismal than the last four.

With well over $16.4 trillion in debt and unemployment at 7.9%, President Obama should have offered the American people a real plan for turning the American economy around and returning to fiscal prosperity.

Though instead the president decided to offer the same failed policies that have proven time again to bring about more economic calamity and further push the United States into becoming a third-rate banana republic.

Henry D’Andrea is a Conservative opinion columnist at the Communities @ the Washington Times. Feel free to email Mr. D’Andrea at writedandrea@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter (@TheHenry)

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