Democratic convention to include attacks, not substance

The Democratic National Convention is set to kick off, and unlike the Republican convention in Tampa, the Democrats will launch a full-scale primetime assault on the GOP ticket. Photo: Associated Press

PHOENIX, September 3, 2012 — The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., is set to kick off tomorrow, and unlike the Republican convention in Tampa, the Democrats will launch a full-scale primetime assault on the GOP ticket. 

However, the attack shouldn’t come as a surprise to many, as the debt has neared $16 trillion, unemployment is 8.3 percent, and millions are in poverty.

That certainly is not a record any president should be proud of. Yet Obama still thinks he deserves four more years. 

In 2008, candidate Obama promised to leave America a “fundamentally transformed” country. 

He certainly delivered on that. 

Now as we look to the 2012 DNC, Obama has only one way to get Americans to have his back one more time: Instill fear in the eyes of millions of Americans that Mitt Romney will destroy their beloved country and implement a freakish-crazed Republican agenda. 

With speakers like Georgetown Law School graduate Sandra Fluke, who will help deliver on the “Republican war on women” meme, or Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who will let America know that Romney’s work at Bain Capitol destroyed jobs, the DNC is chock-filled with Democrats who will stand irresistibly by Obama.  

The DNC will likely begin by making the argument that Bain Capitol is an evil private equity firm that stole jobs from Americans and stripped them of healthcare. The Democrats actually blamed Mitt Romney for the cancer death of a former steel plant worker’s wife, five years after he lost his job.

They will move on to the notion that Republicans have declared a full-scale war on women. Their evidence is that Republicans reject the idea that employers should be forced to provide insurance plans that provide birth-control devices and pills completely free of cost. They think that young college women who believe they are entitled to taxpayer funded contraceptives really aren’t. 

Is that a war on women by Republicans, or just plain stupidity from people who make those demands? Truly I cannot wait to see Sandra Fluke once again explain to a country that is $16 trillion in the hole that we need to pay for contraceptives because she’s too cheap to purchase them for $9 elsewhere. 

What you won’t hear at the DNC is that unemployment has been above 8 percent for 42 months now, and that the debt has increased by over $5 trillion since January 20, 2009, when Obama took office. 

If we do hear about them, we’ll hear that that’s all Bush’s fault, not Obama’s. 

American must decide whether to reelect a president who runs from his record and who can’t stand up to the cold hard fact that he has failed. 

Hardly anyone wanted Obama to fail; the measure of success and failure for a president is the health and prosperity of the nation. We wanted Obama to fix what was wrong with our country. We didn’t want him to succeed in getting some of his huge programs through Congress. We saw those as a danger to America, but for the general good of the country, it is disappointing that he has failed as a president. 

If an NFL football team has a losing record, the owners find a new coach. 

The American team has had a bad coach for four years now. It’s time to let him go and try someone new. 

It is time American had a winning streak, it is time America scored a touchdown, it is time America changed direction.

No rhetoric at a convention will change the last four years.  

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