Republican candidates need to stop talking about abortion and concentrate on the economy

Republican Senatorial candidates like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock need to shut up about religion and rape and concentrate on the economy and failed policies.

PHOENIX, October 27, 2012- In an election that was thought to be solely on the economy and how to get the nation back on the right path to economic prosperity, social issues have taken an interesting forefront by both political parties.

For months now, President Obama and the Democrats, have been charging that the Republicans are waging a so-called ‘War on Women,’ for wanting to repeal ObamaCare and not supporting free contraceptives for women.

The Democrats strike as if the Republicans, especially Mitt Romney, are going to strip women of all their inalienable rights, which simply is not the case.

So when Republican senatorial candidate, Todd Akin, makes a controversial remark on rape and abortion, the Democrats immediately become outraged and begin to fire up their GOP ‘War on Women’ talking points. 

And you have to ask yourself, when abortion is being deliberated more than the economy, what is going on with this election? 

The Republicans have all the fuel they need to ignite the fire against President Obama and the Democrats, yet social issues is taking a very extraordinary role in this crucial election. 

Todd Akin’s assertion on abortion and rape was foolish, yes, but does Mr. Akin realize that in order to stop the Democrats from truly taking over healthcare, we need to win back the majority in the Senate? 

Since the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare is allowed to stay law, the only way the country could ever see that totalitarian monstrosity be eviscerated, is if the Republicans take back control of the Senate. 

A prime example of the governmental takeover of healthcare is the newly created IPAB (Independent Payment Advisory Board), section 3403 of the PPACA/ObamaCare law. 

IPAB is essentially 15 unelected government bureaucrats that are appointed by President Obama with the main goal of ‘rationing’ medical care.’ What should be evening more frightening, is section 10320, that states IPAB will be allowed to have “expanded powers” in which things like gas, food, eating habits, and the type of car you own will be assessed to have additional penalties and fees added on. 

So that means if Republicans do not take control of the Senate, then there will be no repeal of ObamaCare, thus keeping more governmental control of healthcare. 

Although Mr. Akin expressed those witless conclusions, he is the better candidate over Senator Claire McCaskill, the 60 voter for ObamaCare. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t looking that good for Akin in Missouri as Senator McCaskill is currently leading by an average over 4.2 percent according to the Real Clear Politics matchup. These polls are a clear indication that Akin’s comments on rape and abortion hurt his chances to win McCaskill’s senate seat and repeal ObamaCare.

Simultaneously, abortion is a very imperative issue in this country, but it isn’t the biggest issue facing the electorate right now. Unemployment is steep, the debt is towering, and the spending is reckless.

Women are more concerned with getting a good paying job for their family, rather getting free contraceptives and abortifacients. The polls have shown this and it’s clear that the Democrat’s ‘War on Women’ is failing.

Republican candidates need to keep the focus on the economy and not on abortion, as this election will be decided on who voters think will get the country back on the proper path to economic prosperity. Certainly free birth control and the colossal spending that are included with ObamaCare will not get us there. 

After all, it’s the economy stupid.

Henry D’Andrea is a Conservative opinion columnist at the Communities Feel free to email Mr. D’Andrea at and follow him on Twitter (@TheHenry)


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