Obama’s reelection signals the rise of Liberal America

Yesterday was a huge victory for liberalism. Obama won re-election, marijuana was legalized in two states, gay marriage was legalized in three, and climate change is now taking center stage. Photo: Associated Press

PHOENIX, November 7, 2012 — The 2012 presidential election was a huge victory for liberalism. Liberal hero Barack Obama won re-election, marijuana was legalized in two states, gay marriage was legalized in states that have been blocking it for years, and climate change is now taking center stage. 

Obama’s reelection shows that Americans believe in taxing the rich, expanding the role of the federal government, socializing medicine, and fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

ObamaCare, the president’s hallmark healthcare overhaul, will never be repealed. It survived the judges of the Supreme Court and last night it survived the American people’s judgment. For decades advocates of liberalism have wanted a national healthcare system; they got it in 2010 and now it’s here to stay for good. 

The Obama “War on Women” argument prevailed last night as well, with women backing the president by about 10 points. This should shock Republicans, especially since the Democrats, who treated women like sex objects, urged women to vote with their “lady parts.” 

Another issue the liberals have been pushing for years is the legalization of recreational marijuana. Colorado and Washington voters approved the ballot measure, now allowing anyone in those states to smoke marijuana legally, in principle. (The feds still have something to say on the issue.) 

Gay marriage also saw a huge victory Tuesday night. After more than 30 failed attempts to legalize it, the electorate in Maine and Maryland, voters passed same-sex marriage initiatives, and in Minnesota they struck down a proposed ammendment to ban same-sex marriage. 

Essentially, the 2012 election portended that the American electorate is changing. Voters today are not like voters 20 or 50 years ago. Pop culture is largely to blame for the changing values of America, but that’s a whole another topic. 

The American people did not reject Obama’s far-left policies last night, but rather embraced them with open arms. Obama’s re-election showed that Americans would rather collect unemployment than create employment.  

Gas prices are higher today than they were four years ago, the debt is higher today than it was four years ago, and unemployment is higher today than when Obama took office. Americans appear to be fine with this. 

Americans will now watch Obama’s final four years and perhaps conclude that Obama’s America is exactly the country they want to live in. Whatever happens in the next four years, responsibility for it rests firmly with those who voted for Obama. They chose the America they wanted and they’ll get it. 

If the Republican Party wants to reverse this tide, it must reach out to voters who aren’t typically in their column. While they shouldn’t change their principles, they must get more women, Hispanics, and other minority groups to vote for their candidates nationwide. This will likely be the hardest task facing the party for the next few elections. 

2016 may be the referendum on the Obama agenda that 2012 was supposed to be. Perhaps after eight years of Obama, a conservative candidate like Ronald Reagan will ascend to the White House. Or perhaps it will be like 1938, the continuation of a long arc of liberalism. 

The ballots have all been counted and the results are now final, and a quote comes to mind: “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.” 

Henry D’Andrea is a Conservative opinion columnist at the Communities @ the Washington Times. Feel free to email Mr. D’Andrea at writedandrea@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter (@TheHenry)

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