Operation Pillar of Cloud: Time for Israel to eradicate Hamas

Israel and Gaza enter the fifth day of what the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are calling ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud, but as the war wages on it, is it time Israel invaded Gaza and killed the terrorist group threatening its peace? 

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PHOENIX, November 18, 2012- Israel and Gaza enter the fifth day of what the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are calling ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud.’ As the war wages on it, is it time Israel invaded Gaza, with the goal to kill the terrorist group threatening peace for both Israel and Palestine?  

Israel engaging in a loaded conflict with Gaza isn’t an unfamiliar enmity, but it has become an excessive, futile matter. 

Hamas is mad that Israel is a living, breathing state, and Israel wants the two to live together in a permanent, peaceful time. Israel isn’t going anywhere and Hamas has yet to cease its missile launches. As a result, there is little possibility of peaceful comprise. 

Hamas, a radical terrorist group, controls the Gaza strip.  It is an organization that believes in the use of violence to achieve its goals, and it has regularly called for the extermination of all Jews and Americans. 

“Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, destroy the Americans and their supporters. Oh Allah, count them one by one, and kill them all, without leaving a single one,” said the Deputy Speaker of the Hamas Parliament, Ahmad Bahr.

This announcement from Hamas wasn’t exactly the proper inflection for conceivable peace talks, again defying the end of Middle Eastern turmoil. 

In turn, Operation Pillar of Cloud has Israel once more defending its own people from continued missile strikes out of Gaza. This was Israel’s primary exposition in starting the operation and killing Hamas terror chief, Ahmed Jabari. Jabari was the latest aggressor in opposing Israel, putting the lives of Israeli citizens in harms way. 

This operation and the many that preceded it, underline the endured concern with the state of Israel: When will the time come that the Israeli citizens can walk the streets without worry or angst that a missile or car bomb will smother another innocent person?

Israel has proven capable of defending its land and citizens, notably with the deployment of the ‘Iron Dome’ mobile air defense system.  

Nevertheless, Ahmad Bahr’s statement and the persistent missile barrages show that no effort to hold peace talks has arisen.

The continued bellicose statements out of Hamas signal that it is time for Israel to invade the Gaza Strip and rid it of the terrorists that threaten Israeli peace. 

Israel doesn’t need to force the Palestinian’s in the Gaza Strip to live with the Jews; the belligerents in Gaza just need vast exposure to justice.  Hamas will continue to do everything possible to eliminate the Jewish state.  Neither Israel or Palestine deserve to live in such turmoil created by terrorist groups. 

The ramifications of a ground invasion would be unprecedented, but necessary for peace. 

The Israeli army is more than capable of invading the Gaza strip and removing Hamas terrorists. The only obstacle that arises for Israel is the lack of global support. Sure, the United States is an ally of Israel, but would our nation, our President, ever militarily support Israel? 

In 1967, when Egypt, Syria, and Jordan wanted to extinguish Israel, they witnessed a surprise attack, ultimately causing Israel to prevail and obtain the area of West Bank.

If the surrounding Arab nations wanted to eliminate Israel again, would the United States just condemn the attack or would they come to the aid of our greatest ally in the Middle East? 

Israel is not an aggressor in the Middle East, it’s a state that respects its neighbors, but doesn’t want them walking on the lawn.

In essence, if the Muslim world renounced violence and aggressions of war, there would be lasting pace. If Israel renounced violence, they would be obliterated and the Jewish state would become Palestine. 

The core of the conflict in the Middle East isn’t one of land, but religion. Islamic religion discernibly outlines that no Jewish state can exist in the world, especially in the Middle East.  

Despite knowing this, the Jewish people have habitually offered nothing short of peace to the Arabs; evening siphoning off land in hopes the attacks would stop. 

However, after decades of attacks and self-defense, it might be time Israel ended the Gaza terrorist attacks for good. 

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