Congress should subpoena Gen. Petraeus over Benghazi attack

Did David Petraeus reveal classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell? Did Paula Broadwell ‘accidentally’ disclose top secret details about the CIA operation in Benghazi? Photo: Associated Press

PHOENIX, November 12, 2012 — Did David Petraeus reveal classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell? Did Paula Broadwell “accidentally” disclose top-secret details about the CIA operation in Benghazi? 

These are all questions looming over the CIA scandal, as David Petraeus has yet to respond to lawmakers probe over what exactly happened during the September 11 Benghazi terrorist attack. 

On the question of Petraeus revealing classified information, Broadwell gave a speech in October at the University of Denver where she proclaimed that the CIA annex in Benghazi was used to detain Libyan militants. She even suggested that Petraeus knew immediately that the attack was indeed a terrorist attack, possibly provoked by the militants being held in the CIA annex. 

Fox News reported today that they’d learned through a “well-placed Washington source” there were in fact Libyan militants being held by the CIA in Benghazi.

The CIA has denied the claim of a secret Benghazi prison, with a spokesperson saying, “The CIA has not had detention authority since January 2009, when Executive Order 13491 was issued. Any suggestion that the Agency is still in the detention business is uninformed and baseless.” 

This information that Broadwell divulged back in October was not known to the public, raising questions on how Broadwell obtained the information and why she disclosed it publicly.  

Additionally, there are several reports that Broadwell had top-secret documents on her personal computer, though it isn’t clear if she attained them with her own security clearance or through then-CIA Director, David Petraeus. 

This resignation and scandal comes at a time when Congressional lawmakers are probing material on what happened before, during, and after the terrorist attack in Benghazi. 

Before Petraeus gave President Obama his resignation, the CIA director was scheduled to testify before Congress on Thursday over the operation in Benghazi that resulted in the death of an American ambassador and three other Americans. Petraeus is not on schedule to testify before Congress on Thursday, with acting director, Mike Morrell, set to take his place. 

There has been no word yet, if Petraeus will testify willingly or if he will be forced to with a Congressional subpoena. 

Despite Gen. Petraeus’s extramarital affair, the lingering questions over Benghazi remain. Why haven’t complete details of the Benghazi attack surfaced to the American people? Did the White House, specifically President Obama, known that the Benghazi consulate was under siege by terrorists? Is a cover-up wavering over the White House? 

These are all questions that Gen. Petraeus could shed light on, if he testified to Congressional lawmakers. 

Four Americans were tragically killed in Benghazi and the federal government is muffling itself to the much-needed facts. 

Congressman Trey Gowdy has already indicated that if Gen. Petraeus refuses to divulge what he knew about the Benghazi terror attack to Congressional lawmakers, he will be subpoenaed. 

“The fact that he’s resigned and had an [extra-marital] affair has nothing to do with whether he will be subpoenaed to Congress,” Rep. Gowdy said. “I hope we don’t have to subpoena a four star general and a former CIA director. I would hope he would come voluntarily but if he won’t he will be subpoenaed,” Congressman Gowdy told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren. 

If Gen. David Petraeus decides on his own not to testify before Congress, it will be commendable to see lawmakers subpoena him. It’s time America got the complete truth on what happened in Benghazi two months ago. 

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