Mitt Romney’s liberal campaigning tactics

Mitt Romney didn't win Florida because voters loved his message and past, but because of the onslaught of negative ads run by the Romney campaign and its allies against Newt Gingrich. 
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PHOENIX, February 3, 2012- Mitt Romney’s win in Florida didn’t happen because the voters felt at heart with Romney’s message and past, but rather the negative onslaught of campaign ads run by the Romney campaign and its allies against Newt Gingrich. 

An analysis from the Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG) shows that 92% of political ads airing during the last few weeks of the Florida primary were negative. 

It was so negative that CMAG President Ken Goldstein said, “this is the most negative campaign ever.”

Of all the ads during the Florida primary, 68% were negative toward Newt Gingrich and only 23% were negative against Mitt Romney

Only 9% of the ads were positive toward Newt Gingrich, and unbelievably only .1% was positive for Romney. 

Now it would be false to put all of the blame on the Republican candidates, due to the vitality of the major SuperPACS that ran ad spots in Florida. 

The pro-Romney SuperPAC, Restore Our Future, ran 4,969 ads in Florida; every single one was against Gingrich. The pro-Gingrich SuperPAC, Winning Our Future, ran 1,894 ad spots, with only 53% of them being negative. This is a huge contrast when looking at the pro-Romney SuperPAC ads.

Besides the multi-million dollar SuperPACs, the Romney campaign invested ninety-nine pennies out of every ad dollar into the destruction of Newt Gingrich. 

These are tactics that President Barack Obama and the liberal campaign machine are guaranteed to use to destroy the eventual Republican nominee. 

If you recall back to October, November, and December, when Gingrich was surging in all the national polls, his campaign had not run a single negative ad spot against another candidate. 

Gingrich even said in the debates that he would not let the “elite media protect Barack Obama” and get Republicans to start fighting.

“I for one… and I hope all my friends up here… are going to repudiate every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama who deserves to be defeated; and all of us are committed as a team; whoever the nominee is; we are all for defeating Barack Obama,” Gingrich said at a debate this past Fall.

This type of pro-Republican and anti-Obama rhetoric was largely what caused Gingrich to stay afloat and on top of all the polls. 

Gingrich’s support grew so strong that he began to reach the 50% threshold in the polls, heading into the Iowa Caucuses. 

This panicked the rest of the field, especially Mitt Romney, so he and the Ron Paul campaign began their vicious left-wing attack. 

When Gingrich landslided Mitt Romney in South Carolina, it killed the notion that Romney is the inevitable nominee. 

Mitt Romney was furious that Gingrich won South Carolina. It gave Gingrich momentum going into Florida, further derailing Romney’s candidacy. 

Gingrich’s win thus brought back the Romney liberal tactic of destroying your opponent, not on record but on rhetoric. 

Romney won Florida in a landslide, due to negative ads against his main rival, further proving that Romney is running away from his absent record of Conservatism. 

He can’t run on RomneyCare, he can’t run on his liberal record in Massachusetts, he simply cannot run on his merits.

Romney’s carpet-bombing in Iowa and Florida is something that cannot be repeated nationally. It is way to costly and Romney won’t get the funds necessary to do so.  

At the end of the day, the current state of the Republican primary couldn’t make Obama and the Democrats any happier. 

They are divided and most don’t make up their mind until the instant they vote. 

Conservatives are split on Santorum and Gingrich and many of them question whether Mitt Romney really is the ‘most electable.’ 

This constant destruction and character assassination amongst the Republican candidates only serves to continue to tear apart the Republican Party heading into a crucial election for our country.

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