2013 Predictions: Boehner ousted, no gun control, more fiscal turmoil

2012 was an interesting year for politics and 2013 will only bring about more intriguing political stories. Here are 10 predictions for the new year. Photo: Boehner, gun control, fiscal cliff - AP

PHOENIX, December 31, 2012 ― 2012 has finally come to the doleful end of what could be described as “the year of anguish.” 

Terror struck in Libya, Colorado, Connecticut, and Wisconsin, while tragedy unfolded in Syria. Events in these places helped ramp up political debate over gun control and foreign policy.

It was a nasty year for politics, as the November election was full of foul tactics and putrid political rhetoric. The election showed that the nation hasn’t been this divided in a very long time. 

2013 will only bring more political turmoil as the nation continues to move forward. 

Here are my top 10 political predictions for 2013:

John Boehner is ousted as speaker: Boehner’s failure to get House Republicans to support “Plan B” was a complete disaster. Boehner caved on tax hikes and didn’t fight for spending cuts or entitlement reforms. Republicans know they’re unpopular and they have an election 23 months, giving them another chance to take back the Senate. Losing to Obama in November was a crippling defeat, and moving the party forward with Boehner at the helm isn’t the most attractive situation. 

Chris Christie wins reelection in New Jersey: When Christie became BFFs with Obama following Hurricane Sandy, it was clear he wanted to appear bipartisan to his left-leaning state of New Jersey. Christie did not sign onto the ObamaCare lawsuit and has supported gun control. New Jersey voters won’t have a hard time saying no to four more years of a Gov. Chris Christie. 

ObamaCare will only become worse: Millions of Americans will be facing new taxes in 2013, as ObamaCare is continues to be implemented. These taxes will increase the cost of health care, yield job losses, and decrease investments. This also marks one year from when the individual mandate takes effect in 2014. 

No serious gun control legislation: While President Obama has launched a Biden-led task force on gun control and has promised to implement stricter gun laws; it’s hard to foresee actual gun control measures becoming law. Republicans in the House won’t approve it, thus bringing more political gridlock. Obama may supersede the law and issue executive orders banning assault weapons or high-capacity magazines. 

Democrats look to 2016: Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, and Martin O’Malley are likely headed to Iowa and New Hampshire next year, as the 2016 Democratic Primary will likely kickoff soon. Yes, America just had a grueling election, but those seeking the White House never rest. 

Republicans look to 2014: Following the 2012 disaster election, Republicans desperately want to win. 2014 will give the Grand Old Party another chance at taking control of the Senate, while maintaining the House. They’ll likely shy away from social issues and put the economy and foreign policy at the forefront. Intelligent, articulate conservative candidates will be needed in order to defeat their far-left counterparts. 

Tax increases on the rich: A deal to avert the fiscal cliff hasn’t come about yet, signaling it’s time we all grab hold of our parachutes to go cliff-diving. This means taxes will go up on all Americans on January 1 and sequestration will happen. However, there will be an after the fiscal cliff deal, that will then lower taxes on 98% of Americans who just saw their taxes increase, all while keeping the tax hikes on the top 2% in place. The deal will be terrible for America and Republicans, making Obama’s campaign promise of raising taxes on the rich come true. 

Secretary of State John Kerry: Who really thinks the Republicans in the Senate won’t confirm Kerry? 

Middle East unrest: Syria, Libya, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Jordan, and Lebanon will all pose threats to Middle Eastern stability in 2013. Israel will be on the receiving end of those threats and will be challenged in how to respond. The Arab Spring proved to be detrimental to U.S. foreign policy. Many countries saw the rise of the radical Muslim Brotherhood and the ousting of less radical governments. 2013 could be a huge foreign policy year for our nation, rather an economic one. 

More Political gridlock: Republicans control the House; Democrats control the White House and Senate. Nothing significant is likely to be accomplished next year, despite gun control, immigration, spending, taxes, and foreign policy all expected to be on the table. 

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