Union thuggery erupts after right to work law passes in Michigan

Following the passage of the right to work bill in Michigan, pro-union protesters resorted to thug tactics, including repeatedly assaulting a conservative on-watcher. Photo: Associated Press

PHOENIX, December 11, 2012 ― Following the passage of a right to work bill in Michigan today, pro-union protesters resorted to thug tactics, including repeatedly assaulting a conservative on-watcher.

Despite massive protests outside the state capitol and adamant Democratic demands to halt the bill, the Michigan legislature approved it and Gov. Rick Snyder signed it late Tuesday.

As in Wisconsin last year, the pro-union protesters in Michigan felt that resorting to violence and bullying were the proper way to express their opposition to right to work laws.

Michigan Democrat Douglas Geiss even threatened violence on the Michigan House floor today, promising, “There will be blood! There will be repercussions! We will relive the battle of the overpass.”

Michigan House Democrats sent out Geiss’ remarks on Twitter, though the Democratic Party later deleted them.

Outside the Michigan state capitol, the situation escalated as pro-union protesters employed thug tactics. These included an assault on the tent setup by a conservative group, Americans for Prosperity, near the union protesters. 

In addition to knocking the tent down, pro-union protesters assaulted Fox News contributor Steven Crowder, who was conducting man-on-the-street interviews at the time. Crowder was asking some union sympathizers why they opposed right to work laws when he was assaulted by an unidentified man, who began to punch him.

These incidents were unsurprising, typical as they have become of union tactics. As threats of violence escalate, President Obama might be expected to denounce such methods. This would be consistent with his calls for more “civil and honest public discourse” in January 2011, shortly after former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot by Jared Loughner.

We await his condemnation of union thuggery with bated breath.

Last September, Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. said in referrence to the Tea Party that the unions should “take these sons of bitches out.” Obama’s distaste for that comment was made clear by his decision not to mention it when he followed Hoffa to the podium. We should expect him to be similarly clear about his rejection of violence and violent rhetoric when he addresses the issue of right-to-work in Michigan.

It is clear that the labor unions and their bosses were sleeping when Obama called for a new tone of civility last year. They are clearly not hearing his denunciation (by silent protest) of union violence now. 

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