The Conscience of a Conservative Archive: September 2011

  • Decreasing Iraq troops places American soldiers at risk

    President Obama may be trying to keep a 2008 campaign promise to remove our troops from Iraq however the war in Iraq is not over, and troops are still being attacked and dying. Published September 14 2011

  • Obama forgets his call for civility at Labor Day rally

    President Obama stands by as Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. vows to "take these sons of bitches out." Vice President Biden refers to them as barbarians. Tough talk about terrorists? Nope. They are referring to Americans. Published September 6 2011

Henry D'Andrea

Henry D'Andrea

Henry D'Andrea is a Conservative columnist and commentator. He writes a weekly column at the Washington Times Communities called "The Conscience of a Conservative," which features his commentary on current events and political stories from a conservative perspective. He ...

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