Stretching reduces typing-induced shoulder pain

Long hours sitting at a desk can cause serious shoulder pain. Photo: Stretching helps reduce shoulder pain

AUSTRALIA, January 24, 2013 - Sitting at the office all day in front of your computer might seem like a negative enough experience without it affecting your health after hours.  For many people, exercising is a way to relieve the stress and anxiety caused mentally at work during the day. 

However, many people are not aware of the physical problems caused by long periods of inactivity while sitting at a desk and keyboard. 

Many people know carpal tunnel can affect the wrists of a person who types at a keyboard for long periods of time, but not many know about the wider negative impact it can have on a body.

Anyone who lifts weights at a gym knows the importance of correct wrist placement while working out, but most people do not know there is a correct way to hold the wrists when typing as well.  The combination of bad form at the gym and bad form at the office can be disastrous in the long run. 

One almost unavoidable side effect of long hours at the office is strain to the shoulder.

How does typing affect my shoulders?

The shoulder bears a large brunt of the upper body strain when a person sits at a desk to type.  The shoulder must inherently internally rotate, which puts a large amount of pressure on the joint.  For many people, the next stop after the office is the gym, where the shoulders are then over-utilized to do shoulder and chess presses, push-ups, and pull-ups.  All of these activities require the shoulders to be internally rotated.  These contradictory movements can easily over strain a person’s shoulder joints in a very short amount of time.

How can I prevent shoulder strain when going from office to gym?

There are some simple ways to help the body balance itself out so you can easily go from your internally rotated ‘day shoulders’ to your fit and flexible ‘night shoulders.’

  • Stretch during the day.  It is very important to take the time to balance joints back out throughout the day.  Try doing a few shoulder rotations every time you get up from your desk.  Even stretching your arms up above your head and rolling the shoulders back can make a big difference in reducing shoulder strain.
  • Start with a long shoulder stretch at the gym.  When you get to the gym, start by rowing shoulders back with low weights.  A rowing machine can also be a great warm up instead of the usual treadmill which keeps shoulders internally rotated.  Ask a fitness professional for more suggestions if you are worried about shoulder strain affecting your long term performance.

Long days at the office do not need to translate into shoulder strain.  Simply stretching throughout the day and using good techniques can reduce that pain in your shoulder and allow you to work out successfully at the gym.

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