Tips on how to handle indirect channel recruitment efficiently

Guidelines on How to Handle Indirect Channel Recruitment Efficiently. Photo: compendiumblog

WASHINGTON, June 22, 2013 ― It is ironic that even in a competitive marketplace, companies still opt for cheap deliverables. This was an acceptable strategy when the marketplace was less competitive and each company had a unique technology to stand out in the crowd, but now cheap deliverables are no longer acceptable.

Today, most firms lack the ability to harness the power of indirect channels. Firms are not equipped even in this day and age of technology to convince indirect channels about the advantages of their products or services and motivate them to join forces with them. 

How to convince indirect channel partners 

Companies need to have quality indirect channel management that motivate their indirect channel partners to get involved wholeheartedly. With the right programs in place, indirect channel partners will be more conducive to working with your company rather than as your competitors. Here are a few things that indirect channel partners want to hear from you to help them develop trust on you:

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  • Your products and services are superior to your competitors
  • You are willing to invest to upgrade your products or service or get new ones to meet the needs of customers
  • You are willing to direct customers to your indirect channels and vice versa
  • You will take appropriate measures to reduce channel conflict

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  • You will provide indirect channels with the tools, resources and information to aid them in marketing and selling your products and/or services
  • Selling your products and/or services will be a profitable enterprise for the indirect channels
  • You will ensure smooth flow of communication between the company and indirect channels to rule out miscommunication or communication gap.

These are some measures that you can adopt to convince indirect channels to work with your company. However, at the same time, you need to take measures to hire or recruit the right channel partners. 

Organizing Your Recruitment Campaign

You need a well-organized recruitment campaign in place that is able to address a wide range of questions. Before you start the campaign, ask yourself why you are recruiting indirect channel partners; what do you hope to achieve by hiring them; how will you support them to achieve their goals; who will the indirect channel partners target; how will you gauge good and poor performance and what rewards or punishments you will mete out for the performance; and lastly and most importantly, why should a channel partner join your company and not your competitor.

Through an organized recruitment plan, you can recruit the best indirect channel partners – both individuals and organizations to help you increase your sales and reach your business goals. 

The Process of Recruitment

The process of recruiting indirect channel partners can be done on a low-key basis or with a big bang by having an eye-catching PR campaign. Regardless of the type of recruitment process you choose, it should be able to highlight your needs and the reason for recruitment seamlessly, so that interested organizations and individuals know what your expectations are and what they can expect in return. 

Using Social Media for Recruitment

While emails used to be the standard method of communicating with potential channel partners, this trend is changing because of inherent problems with the system. Responses may not reach both parties concerned and this has been exacerbated by spam filters and security software. Today, social media is one of the best to communicate with indirect channel partners and the media can also be used for recruitment of new partners. 

Social media can help you recruit indirect channel partners in the following ways:

  • Promoting general membership to your indirect channel partner program
  • Viral marketing of your indirect channel partner program 
  • New recruits being able to inform their followers and fans on different social media platforms about their joining your indirect channel program

It is important to note that the first two can be easily done using social media marketing campaigns; however, the latter would require marketing technology, like Relayware, with integrated social media. 

Make sure you engage prospective recruits in a personalized manner. This means that you would need to know what is motivating each indirect channel partner to join your company and help you with your indirect sales. While this is a time consuming process, the results will be worthwhile. You should have a point of communication which can be accessed through different sources, so that you can use any one depending on what the indirect partner has used for registration. This individualized communication will allow you to gauge whether the individual or company is the right fit for your needs. Also, make sure that you have a system in place to approve or reject applications. It is best to have an automated process for this to reduce the time consumed in sorting out and screening applications. Once you are satisfied with the responses, experience and the motivation factor of the recruits, you can begin the hiring process. 

Make use of the technology to make on-boarding smoother and effective. The investment in setting up a new software will pay for itself by helping you choose the right partners that will go on to boost your sales and profits.

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