Using channel lead management system to acquire new customers

Today, marketing is all about multiple lead channels. This can be difficult and expensive to manage and handle. Photo: Walt Robertson

WASHINGTON, August 16, 2013 Traditional marketing practices no longer work. Today, marketing is all about using multiple lead channels, and this can be difficult and expensive to manage and handle. That is why B2B marketers should be looking to identify their most loyal customers and then use a channel lead management system that allows them to capture and integrate customer data for marketing and sales.

Today, businesses are using channel lead management systems by Relayware, as it helps them target customers by educating them and creating a need for the products. It is claimed that by the time customers get in touch with the salesperson, they have made up their mind to buy the product. However, just selling to an existing customer-base is not sufficient to grow a business. Businesses need to shore up potential customers and educate them about the product or service while making an effort to retain existing customers. This means running separate campaigns for existing and potential customers.

Educating New and Potential Customers

One of the most important parts of marketing is targeting potential customers. The tools within the channel lead management system can be used effectively not just to welcome new and potential customers, but also to run educational campaigns. These campaigns help potential customers learn the value of a product or service and also help them understand how using the product or service could make their lives or work easier. 

Retaining Existing Customers

Today, in B2B environment, many businesses selling subscription-based products or services are looking to retain existing customers. Using a lead management system can help businesses renew their marketing campaigns, offer incentives and also highlight the loss existing customers will face if they cease to use the product or service.

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Cross- and Up-Selling

By integrating data from different sources and channels, it is possible for businesses to target customers for the purpose of cross-sell as well as up-sell.

When a customer or potential customer comes to your website, this should not necessarily be taken as a sign of interest. However, when you have the ability to check the same customer’s previous website visits, email clicks and interactions with your call center and forms, this gives you a better indication about the customer’s interest in buying your product or service. This information can be made available when you have an effective channel lead management system, such as Relayware, in place. It allows you to interpret customer data and then target the customer with customized campaigns to spur him into making a new purchase.

With multiple sources and channels, you need a single interface for your businesses to handle all aspects of interaction with the customer. This includes marketing and lead management.

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This interface should allow your business to capture and integrate customer data across different channels, resulting in an ability to better interpret customer behavior and interest. When this happens, the business can personalize marketing campaigns and messages.

Furthermore, a good and reliable channel lead management system should allow a marketer to use a variety of modes of communication such as direct mail, SMS, mobile apps, email and social media. If a marketer uses a variety of communication methods, he will be able to see which customers respond better to certain communication. This analysis can further help increase sales and acquire new customers.

A single lead management system should be dynamic, allowing a marketer to make real-time decisions based on the available data. This enables the business to create targeted campaigns and make instant decisions based on the customer’s behavior and interests.

If marketers want to succeed in the world of B2B, it is imperative that they employ a good channel lead management system to engage customers and use different ways to communicate with them. This is the optimal way to retain existing customers and acquire new ones. 


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