DNC 2012: The New Political God: Tolerance

What does making a conscious decision to strip the most innocuous, non-religious reference to God from the Democratic platform tell us about the state of our politics? Photo: www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/

WASHINGTON, September 6, 2012 – The Democratic party’s platform committee found that even the expression “God-given potential” in its platform was too intolerant, too divisive, too I don’t know what. So, it was removed. I do know that when its members got caught, they staged some Kabuki theatre to pretend that delegates voted God back in.

But it seemed obvious to me, news commentators, and even convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa—who called the vote three times—that the “ays” did not have it by the required two-thirds majority.

God was voted back into the Democratic platform accompanied by loud boos.

I am not naïve enough to believe that the Republican platform’s inclusion of the word God 12 times is something definitive we can trust. Nevertheless, what does making a conscious decision to strip the most innocuous, non-religious reference to God from the Democratic platform tell us about the state of our politics?

I believe this is the same “enlightened class” who promotes a living, breathing constitution that is shaped by its new state religion—orthodox secularism. They would remake our nation not based upon on the God or the Creator of our forefathers, but the new godhead worshiped by the political elite—Tolerance.

Tolerance, this modern god, led its adherents on the U.S. Supreme Court to desecrate their own self-declared sacred pillar of precedence in order to declare same-sex sodomy a “constitutional right” in Lawrence v. Texas—a ruling which reversed multiple earlier Supreme Courts. That very same year, same-sex marriage came to Massachusetts, again by judicial ruling in Goodridge v. Department of Public Health.

Goodridge is a good example of the outcomes of Tolerance worship: Glaring in its absence in the ruling was any acknowledgement that the Massachusetts constitution—like every state constitution and the U.S. Constitution itself—presumes that the citizens’ unalienable rights and intrinsic values are “endowed by their Creator,” “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” of our Declaration of Independence, or the God of our founders.

Natural Law dictates that the next generation depends upon the union of the two halves of humanity—male and female. Scientific research tells us that a secular faux marriage can never replace a mother and a father in a child’s life. But these were mere trifles compared to the dogma and demands of Tolerance.

What does Tolerance give us?

Tolerance twists our forefathers’ vision of the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” into the right to abort the most innocent of life as a matter of convenience. And it forces those who object to help pay for it.

Tolerance replaces truth. When all “truths” must be judged as having equal value, all morals and values become equal, no matter how destructive to self or society.

Tolerance gives us a ruling class that legislates and adjudicates from a worldview that the populace needs to be protected from faith, prayer, and outdated family values.

Tolerance disdains and suppresses those who believe in common sense, natural law, or the transcendent truth of the God brought to our shores and enshrined by our first citizens in our founding documents.

To the worshippers of Tolerance, the Lord God of our founders is a heretical idea. He is only an anachronism to be forcefully thrust aside for the current and politically correct. As we witnessed in Charlotte, even suggesting there is such a thing as “God-given potential” cannot be tolerated in the elitist world of orthodox secularism.

Yes, while Tolerance has become the secular virtue promoted by the political elite above all others, the very ascendency of Tolerance has made this country most intolerant.

Common sense commands that the religious precepts that gave the world the freest, most prosperous, and longest continuous democracy in the history of humanity be prudently safeguarded rather than recklessly discarded.

Will we listen?

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