Did Obama's Morehouse speech contradict his presidency?

WASHINGTON, May 29, 2013 – Giving the assembled black males sound advice on how to handle “being black” in an ever changing and competitive global economy,  President Obama’s became a de factor wise older brother to the 2013 graduating class at Morehouse College.

The President spoke about the importance of conservative values of the family, marriage, and free enterprise. Parents in the audience say the speech, “encouraged Morehouse graduates to start their own businesses and emphasized the importance of the black business community”.

In his remarks, Mr. Obama concentrated on these now Morehouse men not accepting the victim role in society.

The speech seemed so sincere and so poignant on the larger issue of saving black males in America, but there’s one problem: The speech clearly promoted a “do as I say, not as I do” message to these newly graduates.

True to the master orator that he is, the President sounded good and his words made perfect sense, but has the President exposed himself as nothing more than a Chicago politician that’s willing to say anything– even when it means contradicting himself.

In 2008, then candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) spent a large majority of his campaign telling the American people that they shouldn’t be victims of the same economic enterprise that he supported in his recent Morehouse speech. Fast-forward to the President’s Inaugural speech, he made no effort to discuss entrepreneurship, specifically for minorities. Last, let us not forget the “You didn’t build that” speech months later.”

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The President’s de facto message simply doesn’t add up.

Obama’s Morehouse speech consistently discussed the importance of maintaining a strong family, saying to the all-the graduates “to focus on being the best father you can be to your child.”

I strongly believe this is one of the most positive messages the President could have delivered. Sadly, because much of the Democratic base is not in favor of preserving the American family much less supporting the longevity and sustainability of marriage, we didn’t see the same emphasis in 2008 or 2012.

The power behind the liberal political thrones in Washington understand that if a society of has a strong family base then that directly correlates to less government reliance. In fact, Mr. Obama’s base wants to expand government reliance to the greatest expansion possible, as it already has.

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The family message, not to mention the black family message, was therefore almost non-existent on both campaign trails. Simply put, if the President was serious about preserving the “Black family” this would have been a major issue on his campaign trail, but wasn’t because of the fear of losing millions in liberal funding. 

What’s interesting is that the President’s speech at Morehouse is one that the majority of American’s deserved to hear, not just graduates at Morehouse College. Funny, anyone listening to the Morehouse speech would know closely resembled a conservative message of protecting the family and promoting a free enterprise system, which brings the question, “what does this President truly believe in?”

Unfortunately, since the President is already in his second term, the majority of Americans will probably never know. The conservative speech at Morehouse is one that should’ve been delivered at the President’s inauguration in 2008 and in 2012, when the cameras from MSNBC were all in full effect.

A few graduates from Morehouse were lucky enough to hear this speech. The tragedy is that millions of Black adolescents will never have that same chance. 

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