Seniors should maintain a sense of humor

Seniors need to keep their sense of humor about the world around them and remember how adults used to look at us. Photo: Keep your sense of humor.

MISSOURI , May 15, 2013 - Humor, according to Webster, is “Something that is or has the ability to be comical or amusing.”    

Sometimes it is challenging for a senior to maintain a sense of humor. However, they must find the ability to maintain that sense of humor, as it helps them to remain healthy. Seniors must stay healthy as long as they can, so they can continue to participate in the “game of life.”

Back in their teen-age years, the adults looked at them strangely for the way they wore their hair. Some had a curl in the front, and the hair was slicked back with some type of grease that came in a red bottle. The back of the hair was parted, and the name for that style was “duck” ___, and seniors will know what the second word is.

Those teenagers had to take their shoes off to put on their pants, as they were pegged. They had the dog chain, and the gray hat with the back rim pushed up and adorned with a little red feather.

And how about those “Zoot suits”?

They thought that was normal, even stylish.

So today, when a senior sees the young men wearing those large shorts and pants which appear to be below their hips and defy the law of gravity, don’t become judgmental. Remember, when you were their age, people thought you were a little unique yourself.

Don’t make fun or laugh at the person, but do get an inner smile and remember how you use to dress. Give yourself a personal inner humor moment.

Do you remember when Elvis Presley started out in show business and would wiggle his hips? Well! It got national attention. It got so bad that they would not film him from his waist down. However, after much debate and hand ringing by some, it finally became acceptable and became what you would call it a “trade mark.” And with music like “’Hound Dog” or “My Blue Swede Shoes,” young people were completely entertained.

What do we have now? Some senior members have attempted to dance the modern way but to no avail, but it is amazing how many young people like to jitterbug, or for some boogie woogie.

The big difference is music that you don’t dance to. It is loud and seniors can’t understand the words. The worst thing is to be driving and here comes a sonic boom. Maybe in years to come, the profession to enter will be a medical practice for the hearing impaired because of ear damage from listening to music so loud. 

Seniors should try to maintain a sense of humor as they should do a flashback and remember how they thought Elvis was the greatest. Rather than getting upset and cranky, employ a sense of humor and try to understand that time does march on and will continue to do so. Surely in years to come, the ones who enjoy that loud “whatever” today will think the music of their children was different.

So seniors keep a smile on your face and maintain a sense of humor. You don’t want to be called “cranky” as most of you really are not. You just sometimes think that your way was the only way, but life is not that way. Smile and be happy and display your sense of humor. 

However, that’s from a time and place I am from.



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