Man donates to Romney, gets attacked by Obama, two federal agencies

Man donates to Mitt Romney, then is publicly named in the presidents Photo: Associated Press

ARKANSAS, July 25, 2012 — One of the most critical aspects of free elections is knowing that you can speak your mind without being singled out by the government and persecuted for your views. In despotic third-world countries, people who oppose politicians are often robbed, belittled, and threatened. But, of course, this would never happen in America.

And yet, in third-world fashion, a donor to Mitt Romney’s campaign efforts has found himself on the receiving end of political persecution by the Obama administration — public ridicule, IRS audits, Labor audits and more. The sad thing is that this isn’t an isolated event or new to American politics; Bill Clinton was infamous for similar shenanigans.

Public ridicule and slander by Obama

Last year, successful businessman Frank VanderSloot donated a large amount of money to an anti-Obama, pro-Romney PAC. Large donors aren’t, of course, just for Romney; Obama has his own collection of billionaires who dump piles of cash into his political funds as well.

But something different happened to Frank VanderSloot. It began in April of this year, when Obama’s campaign created a webpage, on which they included him in a kind of “enemies list” so that the world could see that he dared donate money to a candidate, just as millions of others have — including those who have donated huge sums to Obama himself.

On the Obama website, the president of the United States of America listed him as one of a group of “wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable records.” The “less-than-reputable” part, of course, was that they dared to disagree with Obama’s failed presidency. One person was even accused of “criminal” misconduct, a completely false charge that was later retracted. This is dirty politics as usual.

Investigation and harassment by Obama

VanderSloot found out that liberal groups had sent people to his local courthouse to snoop around, looking for public documents to humiliate and undermine him, such as his divorce records. Of course, nothing substantial came up in this politically motivated scavenger hunt.

Then, after being put on the Obama “enemies list,” VanderSloot found himself on the receiving end of an IRS audit. That’s could be understandable, of course; sometimes that just happens.

But then, just two weeks later, he found himself on the receiving end of a new Labor Department audit.

There’s no such thing as this much coincidence when it comes to politics. If the president sees you as an enemy, publicly labels you as one of the bad guys and falsely accuses you of wrongdoing, and then if liberals begin investigating your personal life, the IRS audits you, and then the Labor Department audits you, then you can be certain it’s not a coincidence.

This is part of a broader trend

This isn’t a new tactic with Obama. Clinton was notorious for suddenly having the IRS audit people who publicly disagreed with him. Bill O’Reilly has been audited three times since the 90s. I don’t like him at all, but political harassment for political views is just wrong.

Even then, a Freedom of Information request showed thousands of pages of documents which reveal that the IRS would target people who publicly went against Bill Clinton, including a group that called for his impeachment.

“Who cares? He’s rich!”

Nothing is more revealing than someone who cares less about the rights of another because of how much money they have or don’t have. If the government confiscated Bill Gates’ home, it would matter, even though he can afford another. In the same way, if a rich man is pulled over and a cop keys up his car, you can bet your last dollar that it matters and the cop should be in hot water.

Being rich doesn’t mean your rights matter less. This is especially true in America, where equality under the law is a critical aspect of due process, rooted in the Constitution, and fundamental to protecting the natural rights of everyone.

This isn’t just about rich people. This is about everyone. Welcome to a world where the government will harass you, audit you, and watch everything you do looking for a slip-up so they can punish you for daring to publicly disagree with them. That’s not the America I want to live in. The president should be ashamed of himself.

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