GOP leaders: Here is your strategy to defund ObamaCare

Let the government shutdown. The GOP can implement another a “new” strategy to defund ObamaCare and nothing else. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, Setpember 25, 2013 Democrats in the U.S. Senate do not seem willing to listen to the American people with whom Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is standing in solidarity. The Washington Times reported Tuesday on the overwhelming statistics demonstrating that Americans do not want ObamaCare. The Republicans on Capitol Hill must turn their attention to alternatives to stop ObamaCare, and making sure Democrats are politically liable for any government shutdown.

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President Obama and the Democrats are willing to negotiate with Russia and with Iran, but clearly they have no interest in in negotiating with the Republican Party in their own country. With this in mind, the GOP cannot expect Democrats to be reasonable or cooperative, and must look at this situation politically to retain and build on its majority in the polls for fighting to defund ObamaCare.

One alternative to stopping ObamaCare is to demand for individuals as what President Obama has given to big business. Jul. 2, Obama delayed the employer mandate for businesses with 50 or more employees. The companies would otherwise face a $2,000 fine per employee not covered with ObamaCare-approved health insurance. However, the individual mandate to have health insurance goes into effect January 1, and the exchanges open October 1.

With this looming deadline, the House is considering attaching a one-year delay in the individual mandate to the CR, and sending it back to the Senate. The difficulty is getting this done by Tuesday, Oct. 1 with the Senate not voting on the current CR until this Saturday.

For this attachment to pass in time, the House would have to vote on Sunday, and the Senate would have to vote on Monday. Both bodies, and particularly the Senate, would need to eliminate the usual deliberative rules to speed the passage of the CR, if the Senate agreed, so Obama could sign it before Tuesday.

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At the very least, this would eliminate what Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) today called “management by crisis,” and provide additional time for the mandates and exchanges to be arranged.

Another option is to allow the Democrats to shut down the government Tuesday, which is what would happen if they decline to pass the CR and send it back to the House without time for anything else to be handled. Then, the House could, one by one, fund departments and programs that are necessary for operations and send each individual bill to the Senate.

While Obama has discretion over what, if anything, gets paid, the president would most certainly use the military members as a political pawn to build sympathy for passing a CR funding ObamaCare. Therefore, on Tuesday, the House could fund the military to ensure that the troops are paid. Through holding a press conference on the steps of the Capitol building with all of the Republican representatives and senators, the GOP could tell the American people that they have made sure the military men and women will be paid, and the Democrats must swiftly pass that bill in the Senate.

If Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) refuses to bring it to the floor of the Senate, then he is inferring a rejection of the military. If the bill is brought to the floor, would Democrats actually vote against funding the military? And, once passed, would president Obama refuse to sign a bill that funds the military? If the answer to either of those questions is ‘yes,’ the Democrats would be fully liable for the members of the military not being paid. Either way, Republican leaders are problem solvers, and the president’s ability to hold our men and women hostage is removed.

On Wednesday, the House could fund social security, perform the same press conference, and continue to place pressure on the Senate and president. Thursday, the House could fund another department, and so on, until all of the areas of government are funded with the exception of ObamaCare. And, by choosing the Democrats’ dependency-driven programs early in the process, the GOP will strategically place pressure on the majority in the Senate to act or be fully responsible for children not receiving their SNAP benefits or soldiers in the middle east not being paid.

At first glance, this strategy may appear to be one that places the men and women of our armed services in jeopardy. Quite the contrary, as the Democrats are already doing so by holding our brave soldiers hostage so that their death panels may be funded. With a stated unwillingness to defund ObamaCare or even consider delaying the individual mandate, the Democrats are indeed the party of “no”: no compromise, no negotiation and no listening to the American people.

We are living in tumultuous times in which our individual freedoms are in jeopardy, and it will take more courageous acts like those of Sen. Cruz to preserve our liberty. With a Democratic Party that ignores the will of the American people when it is convenient but uses it as an excuse when a weak president is unwilling to act as in the case of Syria, we must be steadfast.

This also means that communication with the American people is imperative. Cruz has, thus far, shown exceptional skill in his ability to explain concepts, processes and why things are being done a certain way.

The days of caring whether you are being upstaged by a freshman senator must be set aside. The House and Senate floor theatrics leading to pats on the back in the hallway cannot be allowed to transpire. We have to fight. The GOP must lead. And the leaders in the Republican Party must show America that the Democrats are not working on behalf of the majority of the American people.

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