Democrat-led White House rejects WWII veterans visiting memorial

The Democrats in the White House and Congress have found two opportunities in the last 24 hours to deny veterans.
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WASHINGTON, October 2, 2013 — President Barack Obama’s White House rejected a request Tuesday for WWII veterans to visit the memorial on The National Mall that was built to honor their sacrifice. Led by several congressmen, the heroes who survived the Germans and gruesome battles committed an act of civil disobedience, removing the barricades to go through the memorial.

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The Washington Times confirmed with Rep. Steve Palazzo’s office that he made a request Tuesday for the veterans to be allowed to enter the memorial. The Daily Caller reported that the requests were made to the White House and to the Department of the Interior (DOI). The DOI oversees monuments, parks, memorials and other public places.

Many of the veterans are in wheelchairs, and they simply wanted to roll through the memorial rather than around it. There were busses filled with veterans who had received a complimentary round-trip to Washington to see the memorial through the Honor Flight program. Dozens of veterans come to the nation’s capital every day through this program to see the memorial that was built to commemorate their service to the nation and the world.

The determination that filled these veterans when they fought in and survived WWII is the same force for what is right that guided them to rise to the occasion Tuesday and again Wednesday morning. Despite being threatened with arrest by the parks service, they entered the memorial Tuesday with the help of several congressmen. According to The Blaze, more veterans, congressmen and senators visited the memorial Wednesday morning, again removing the barricades.

There have not been any reports of arrests.

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When the sequester was implemented in full, President Obama acted to hurt Americans in the most direct ways possible. For example, despite having a fully operational White House, one of his early decisions was to close the White House to the public, preventing families, school children, service men and women, and others from touring the historical building.

What disdain one must have for the American people to keep taxpayers who paid for the White House from touring it, especially when parties, concerts, press conferences and other events continue there. The smug attitude that forbids the entrance of American citizens into the White House but allows elitists to attend special events is the same pretentiousness and hubris that causes White House officials to attempt to prevent veterans from visiting their memorial.

While the Democrats are using every excuse to demonstrate their power over the American people, the Republicans in the House are making the effort to help veterans. Rep.

Gulf Coast Coast Honor Flight veteran Wynon Stewart and his escort Cat Aguda display a piece of police tape removed from the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. (AP Photo/Sun Herald, John Fitzhugh)


Pat Tiberi, R-Ohio, said in an official email Wednesday, “On Tuesday, House Republicans voted for a bill to ensure funds were available for veterans’ disability payments, the GI bill, education training and VA home loans during this shutdown. Unfortunately, the bill required a 2/3 majority to pass and 164 Democrats voted against it. House Republicans intend to bring this bill back to the Floor for another vote to ensure our veterans receive the benefits they have earned.”

The vote required a two-thirds majority to pass because it was brought to the floor outside of the usual rules for doing so, in order to speed the process. Democrats want Obamacare so badly that they will prevent veterans from receiving disability payments, training and home loans.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, released a statement Wednesday morning, explaining that the House’s efforts may die in the Democrat-led Senate. “The House is on track today to pass individual CRs to fund Veterans Affairs and National Monuments, but Senator Reid and President Obama say they refuse to consider them, even though they agreed to pass a similar CR covering military pay on Monday night. … This is untenable and our veterans deserve much better, especially our disabled vets.” 

Calling in to the Glenn Beck Program this morning, listeners could hear the veterans singing “Amazing Grace” in the background while Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert was on the telephone being interviewed from the memorial. The bellowing voices of the men in their 80s and 90s remind us of the “toils and snares” through which these men “have already gone.” President Barack Obama doesn’t need to put them through any more.

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