IRS intimidating health insurance broker helping people who lose policies

An insurance broker helping people who lose their policies believes IRS notices he has received are intimidation. Photo: (S. Brenner)

WASHINGTON, December 9, 2013 — C. Steven Tucker,the man who helped cancer patientBill Elliott regain his health insurance policy, now believes that he is purposefully being intimidated by the IRS.

The Washington Times reported on Thursday that Tucker and Elliott received notices from the IRS on the same day, but for different matters. Since receiving his first notice, Tucker has experienced a series of events that have left him feeling targeted, but very determined.

In a follow-up interview with Tucker on Dec. 8, more was learned about the specifics surrounding the IRS actions being taken against him. The Washington Times has also confirmed Tucker’s timeline of events with his Chicago-based attorney, William J. Sneckenberg.

According to Tucker, Chicago-based Treasury Inspector General Robert Williams made an unannounced visit to Tucker’s office on Dec. 4. Tucker was not there, and received a call from Williams explaining that he saw the story in the news about Tucker having helped Elliott, and he wanted to “discuss the issue you [Tucker] are having as soon as possible.” A meeting was scheduled for Tucker’s home on Dec. 6 at 11 a.m.

After scheduling this meeting, Tucker connected with his attorney, who engaged Sneckenberg. Tucker conveyed in the interview that Sneckenberg believes the letter of demand is “highly irregular,” informing Tucker that the usual look-back period is three to five years.

Tucker believed that Williams contacted him for the meeting in order to resolve the IRS matter that was the subject of many recent news stories. However, when Williams arrived and began what Tucker calls “his inquisition.” According to Tucker, Williams was there not for Tucker’s IRS matter, but to find out what Tucker knew about Elliott. Tucker recalls questions such as, ‘what is Elliott’s telephone number?’ and ‘how did you first meeting Bill?’ and ‘what television program did Elliott appear on?’

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At the end of the line of questioning, Tucker says Williams instructed him to resolve the issue with the IRS immediately, and that if he did not, “you may be visited again by other IRS representatives in your home and we do reserve the right to garnish your wages and lien your assets.”

Sneckenberg told The Washington Times that he believes Williams is looking in to if and why the IRS is targeting Tucker.

Within minutes of Williams’ departure from Tucker’s home, Tucker received another letter from the IRS:

Tucker’s IRS notice

Tucker has learned that the IRS is demanding payment for back taxes for the year 2010, a year for which the IRS claims Tucker did not file his W2 documents. However, Tucker showed Sneckenberg copies of his W2s and is confident that they were indeed filed appropriately because it is nearly impossible to file your tax returns without them. In addition, Tucker’s CPA files his tax returns every year, and would have included the W2 as well.

Tucker is still unaware of the reasoning for the 2003 demand of $3,592.19.

“After listening to Lois Lerner plead the Fifth during congressional testimony and then conveniently ‘retiring’ early, and then listening to the IRS chief counsel use the term “I don’t recall’ no less than 80 times during congressional testimony, I no longer believe in coincidences,” Tucker said. “I believe Bill [Elliott] and I are both being targeted for exercising our first amendment rights by accurately criticizing Barack Obama’s disastrous health care law.”

The Obamacare law includes funding and requirements for the hiring of thousands of IRS agents to enforce the individual mandate.

Tucker believes, as radio talk show host and commentator Mark Levin frequently says, that “we are unmoored from our constitution and we are living in a post constitutional America.” 

This article is the third in a series covering Bill Elliott and C. Steven Tucker. For background information, see the Nov. 14 story and the Dec. 5 story.

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