Two men speak out against Obamacare, receive IRS notices on same day

Two men who gained national attention for speaking out against Obamacare recently received IRS notices -- on the same day. Photo: (S. Brenner)

WASHINGTON, December 5, 2013 — When conservative organizations claimed that they were targeted by the IRS, the one-third or so of the nation who still trust this president may actually question whether the dots connect to prove it. But what if two people speak out against Obamacare, working together publicly on an Obamacare-related problem, and then receive threatening letters from the IRS — on the same day?

Illinois health insurance broker C. Steven Tucker and South Carolina cancer patient Bill Elliott both received letters from the IRS on Monday, Nov. 25, 2013.

The Washington Times reported on Nov. 7 that Elliott appeared on The Kelly File on Fox News Channel to explain that he had lost his insurance in the midst of his cancer treatment, all because of Obamacare requirements. This segment from Megyn Kelly’s show became a widely-shared video, due in part to Elliott’s admission that he voted for Obama’s re-election in 2012 because of the president’s comments about people being able to keep their plans, doctors and hospitals. When Elliott lost his policy, doctors, hospitals and treatments during his fight against cancer, he quickly recognized that Obama has been lying all along. Elliott now calls for Obama’s resignation when he appears in interviews.

IRS Letter

Following Elliott’s appearance, Tucker contacted him, explaining that it was illegal for his policy to be cancelled in accordance with HIPAA. Elliott appeared on Heartland Talk Radio on Nov. 15 to explain that his insurance had been reinstated, thanks to Tucker’s advice and guidance.

On Nov. 27, Elliott appeared again on Heartland Talk Radio with an update. He announced on the show that, on Nov. 25, he received a letter from the IRS that he owed back taxes for 2009. Tucker also received a letter from the IRS on Nov. 25, the same day Elliott received his notice, demanding additional payments back to 2003. 

Furthermore, the IRS will not be interviewing Elliott until April 2014, according to the letter. In an interview with The Washington Times, Elliott said, “to me, it’s a scare tactic,” explaining he views the letter and the delayed interview as an attempt to silence him and his outspoken stance against President Obama and his healthcare law.

Adding to the mystifying coincidence that the two gentlemen would receive letters from the IRS on the same day, Elliott already had his finances reviewed by the government for 2009. From the early 1990s through the end of 2010, Elliott worked for the federal government as a chemical and biological trainer for the military, teaching our brave men and women how to look for and respond to chemical and biological weapons. With his Top Secret “Q” Clearance, the government completed a thorough review of his finances annually. They last did this in 2010, and Elliott insists that 2009 was previously reviewed through this annual process.

A two-time Obama voter turning against the president is becoming more likely as the president’s approval ratings plummet. On the other hand, Elliott twice voted for Obama, lost his insurance, publicly turned against the president, regained his insurance with the help of a tea party conservative, told his story for the nation to hear, and then receives a notice from the IRS on the same day as the person who helped him.

One of the definitions given for the word tyranny is, “cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.” Regardless of whether the president is directly aware, the administration’s using the IRS, or any other department, to intimidate or silence an American citizen is the textbook definition of a tyrannical government.

“I will fight this with both barrels,” Tucker told The Washington Times in a social media exchange. “I will never bend a knee to tyranny.”

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